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Thanks BLT

I just want to say I just got off the phone to the BLT helpline and a lovely friendly nurse gave me some really good advice and listened to me when I rambled on a bit (and I really needed someone to listen to me right now). So thank you so much, I really appreciate it more than you know. (And thanks to all in this forum, which I have been reading for a while, but too shy to join in!).

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Hi Hidden

Thanks you so much for your lovely postive feedback, I am delighted to have been of a little help :)

Our forum is also fantastic and we hope you will find support and friendship here.

Warm wishes


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I should have guessed, as soon as I read your reply, I somehow knew you were behind it. A belated happy new year to you Trust1.

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Thank you Richard. A happy new year to you too! Hope we get to see you soon! :)

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I'm presently down at Sandwell College near Birmingham doing a love your liver/dry January thingy. It's been rather quiet here with six stalls in all. I've got a mini war going on with the people on the table to my right. They are with a local outfit called Healthy Sandwell. I've just heard a woman giving out advice about alcohol consumption. She's advising people that it's healthier to drink Gin and Tonic rather than beer as it's less fattening. When they move over to me, I've corrected them on the alcohol front. Its quiet at the moment, but I'm enjoying talking about things liver with people.

Good to hear you called the BLT helpline and it was a help.

Lots of good people here, especially those who reply for Trust.

Best wishes,


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Thank you Mary.

I too phoned the BLT helpline yesterday, and spoke to a great friendly nurse, who was very patient and knowledgeable, and gave me answer to my dilemma ( pain under my rib cage on both sides, resulting in shortness of breath) I was in a quandary about. For people like me with cirrhosis, the members on this forum, and the BLT have give me a lifeline to help me through. May God bless you all.


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Thank you David.

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