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New To BLT and Whey Protein Supplement

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post...was diagnosed with alcohol liver cirrohis about three months ago. Really finding it tough to write this, I suppose because it makes this whole thing feel more real.

Well since then I have been put on to the following medication by a gastro in india, (after a endoscopy showed small varices and portal hypertension while ultrasound showed a normal liver) Udiliv 300mg and carvedilol 25mg twice a day, does anyone have experience of these tablets?

I have lost a lot of muscle mass and I am thinking about taking whey protein to build my muscles back up, is this advisable?

Will be coming back home in May and cant wait to see a NHS doctor, and london hospitals that you could recommend?

I have not touched a single drop since diagnosis, struggling to eat the right food though and exercising little.

Starting to get back pain and pain in hands. Short term memory is very poor bit it was never that great to begin with🤣.

Any ideas on how long I will live, lol?

I know it's all my own doing but any advise/help will be much appreciated.



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Firstly the liver trust request that anyone posting on this forum do not put details of any blood results as they are open to misinterpretation and are personal only to you and your condition. No one here is medically qualified to comment on them. That is between you and your liver specialist.

Secondly, there is no point filling your body with artificial proteins. These only work ( and to a small degree) if you are at the gym every day lifting extremely heavy weights to the point of obsession.

You can build strength and muscle back up naturally by lifting just 1 to 5lb handweights (or even cans of beans or bottles of water) and walking daily, gradually increasing your speed and distance.

Get some professional advice on your diet, excercise and how to manage your cirrhosis properly.

Giving up alcohol is the first major step forward.

Good luck


Thanks for the advice, I won't put up any blood test again.


I think it's a good idea but the issue would be finding a good quality protien powder as there are many cheap brands that contain fillers. Do some research and find the best you can it would also be worth while consulting a dietician who could advise you better. Take care



Thanks Boone, you are right, especially in India where most of the food stuffs are adulterated. Thanks for your input!


Instead of trying your luck with questionable quality whey protein, I'd suggest you eat plenty of protein rich foods like fish, turkey, chicken, lean beef, nuts, peanut butter, eggs, cheese, etc. In regards to hospitals, I'm under the care of King's College which is great. I've been told Royal Free is really good too.

Good luck!


Thank you KLDN, with everyone else saying that is hould just stick to meat, I will lol. Thanks for your advise!

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My dietician advised me to use skimmed milk powder, as it's high in protein, purer, and costs less than protein powders.

Whey protein isn't a wonder food by any means. It's a byproduct of the cheese industry and used to be sold as waste to farmers for use as pig food etc.

Then someone had the clever marketing idea to package and sell it at a premium as a health product.

Meat is still really your best bet for protien because it's protein has high bioavailability (according to my dietician).

I also cook with Indian Paneer cheese a lot, another very good source of protein.



Didn't know that about whey protein, I would like to tell a few guys down at the gym! I will just stick to meat, thanks Garyvh!


Hi NotSoSerious,

Congratulations on taking the first important step of giving up alcohol.

I haven't heard of the medications you mentioned, so can't comment on them.

My husband lost a lot of muscle mass when he was hospitalized with liver and kidney failure in 2015, since then he has regained a fair amount back, the important thing for us is that he is more active and able to do things he couldn't back in 2015, so it, hopefully, will be that way for you, too.

Hubby was prescribed lactulose for hepatic encephalopathy - the memory issues, so you might ask your doctor if that would help. I'm not sure what the protocols are in India.

Best wishes to you,



Thank you for your kind response and information. I wish you and your husband good health.

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