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Finally test done

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I haven't posted in a while, I finally got my tests done I had a endoscopy and ultrasound done, I have gastric varies, dr. Prescribe sucralfate 1gm. every night before bed. Ultrasound showed liver improvement still stable, blood tests came back normal all liver test improve a little. Also Feb this year found out i am borderline copd, bronchitis I'm on trilogy inhaler. Hope everyone is doing well, Happy holidays to everyone. peppy05

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Hi Peppy05,

I don't know anything about treatments for varices [at least not as of now], just wanted to let you know I saw your post.

Wishing you better health in the New Year,


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Peppy05 in reply to mncold

Thanks mary, have a happy New year,you and your family and stay healthy. Peppy05

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