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Since i saw a dietitian to stop my body eating my muscle he put me on a diet of cream cakes,chocolate full fat cheese and milk keep on having butter he said,have to say it worked but have i put some weight on,keep saying to my wife i'll have to go on a diet she say's NO your not well i do feel better for it think i was just being vain.Here's to the next cream cake and many other's to come,Happy new year all no resolutions for me.

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Sounds like heaven 😁

Hi blue-moon_1,

My kind of diet- my husband has developed a liking for sweets since his liver cirrhosis. But he has put some of his muscle and weight back on in the 3 years since he was in the hospital, and his liver doctor so far is very pleased with him.

Good luck, I understand the vanity - although I just had radiation for cancer and my surgeon told me I don't have to lose weight just get back to being better - my guess is he will wait for that til my next appointment, since he told my husband I'd have to lose weight at our first appointment LOL.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and your wife that you should definitely be listening to.


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Glad your husband o.k.,sorry to hear about cancer,my wife had breast cancer she had a mastectomy and chemo,fine now but said never have chemo again no matter what.

I was put on a similar diet, though I'm now working towards a generally healthier one.

But yeah, full fat everything milk, butter, even lard for roast potatoes etc!

Suprisingly, I recently had my annual health M.O.T. at my G.P.'s surgery, and cholesterol came back fine! 😂


Hubby had to do the same to stop his liver using his muscle mass to keep going.. We used to say he was eating for two his liver then him, high carb, protein & fat diet with a recommended 50g snack before bed so he wasn't drained in the morning of all his energy

I've got sn appointment with the dietician at the hospital on the 10th Jan. I requested it months ago as I have type 2 diabetes as well as the cirrhosis. Last January I started a low carb, highish fat diet which is ideal for diabetics and lost 35lb in just over 3 months. Soon after I was diagnosed with cirrhosis and when I saw my hepatologist last month he was horrified. He said that the fast weight loss stresses the liver and that I must never fast. Unfortunately as I have been so upset and down since the diagnosis I have pretty much eaten whatever I fancy. Subsequently my blood sugars have increased. I saw the diabetes nurse on Friday and have started another drug which has really upset my stomach. If it turns out that my cirrhosis is due to autoimmune hepatitis I will have to go on steroids which last time I was taking them caused me to become insulin dependant.

Must be real hard for you,it's getting that fine balance right hope things get sorted out for you.

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