Should I go to A & E?

I wrote a few days ago, about how my liver has been affected by (what I believe) a large dose of antibiotics (I believe it must be this as there absolutely nothing else that could have done it-no change in diet, am TEE-Total (9/10yrs))

Went to my GP on Monday was signed off of work-and he dictated a letter to the Heptalogist that had seen me in April to find out what was going on......BUT I am still - 4 days later- feeling nauseous - very constipated- very, very dark smelly urine- am just so tired- I just keep dosing off- muscles very weak-cannot walk far.

I think I need an urgent scan to find out what is happening with my liver. Does anyone have any experience of going into A and E with these symptoms? Thanks in advance for any replies x

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  • i would def seek more medical help, the dozing off, being weak and very dark urine all sound worrying, it might not be liver related, but they sound like "red-flag" signs.

  • I would def seek more advice because with me antibiotics were resistant to my body and doing more harm thann good when i was like yourself

  • I don't live in your country but whenever I have been to A & E they have been very thorough and if they feel I need to stay they admit me. I live in NZ and our system is more or less the same as the NHS. If I get to the point of being worried about myself I go and see what happens.

  • Just to update everyone- I got an appt with my GP and have had more bloods done-also urine sample taken (I think that is to rule out the kidneys-but I am sure it so dark because of my liver) I have started taking a laxative (never,ever had to do this in my life before expect after my hysterectomy) and think on the whole am feeling a bit better-my head feels clearer and not so 'fuzzy and confused' although last night had really bad joint pains-especially in hands/knees and found it hard to sleep, and of course I could take NO painkillers. I have had a letter this morning saying a appt has been booked for 4th Sept with Gastroenterology (although before I thought I saw a Heptalogist-but must have been wrong) Dr Robert Van Someren at Chase Farm. Also have another GP appt for Tuesday to see how bloods are doing (this time I am going to ask for printouts of my readings-something I have never done before-when they have said things are okay I have taken their word for it. A big thank-you for all of you advice Julie x

  • Hi bam1 I do have liver disease end stage, and I know if I get any new symptoms to go straight to A/E whether they think its serious or not, as you should never wait symptoms progress very quickly sometimes with the liver it did with me once so I would never risk it, I now this post is already a day old, so hope you OK, but if symptoms still worrying you don't hesitate to go to Hosp let us know how you get on. Angse

  • Hi Angse, thanks for your reply- I am feeling a bit better now - have seen a GP who assured me that I was NOT jaundiced!! And had some more blood work done - I don't really know what is wrong with my liver- I have Lupus and was put on Methotrexate for 8mths-and am SURE that that is what has damaged my liver- I have not drunk alcohol for about 9/10yrs, and my diet is not bad-never had any problems previously with my Liver so am sure it is Metho that has done it. What about you? How did you find out that you had end stage liver damage?- I did see a liver DR in earlier this year, but he did not really say much-cirrhosis was mentioned, but the he said something about it could be linked with Auto Immune-and that as it was 'steady' there was no need for any treatment-I am really angry-that they did not warn me not to take painkillers (I get a lot of pain from Lupus) I feel quite let down, and am going to demand a printout in future of all of my blood results so that if they are not monitoring me - then at least I can monitor myself!! What about you - how are they treating you- and do you get any sypmtoms...i.e aching joints-weak muscles, I am now not sure if it is Lupus doing this to me or my Liver!!?? Thank you Julie x

  • Hi Bam,firstly I hope you are feeling a bit better. Secondly they may be right about the meds not causing the problem. After months of searching by my new hepatologist they have traced the beginning of my problems to an attack of glandular fever when I was 18 and I'm 50 now. This is why doctors always thought I was a drinker - never have been, I just don't like the way alcohol makes me feel. I have AIH and NAFLD causing cirrhosis. Because I also have other problems one of which is fibro, my symptoms are never attributed to my liver but looking back I can sees how this has been building. So it is possible it is a forgotten illness that was your trigger. this means you can still have faith in your team of doctors x

  • Thanks for your reply MrsMerlin, but I do still feel a bit let down.....this has only happened now after taking very large doses of antibiotics, and painkillers (about 4 weeks ago, I had a nasty sting) but they must of known something was going on with my liver from scan and bloodtests, surely? And forewarned is forearmed-if they had said be careful of what painkillers etc that you take-but they gave me NO advice, absolutely NONE!! Do you get joint pain on regular basis with AIH?? I have said to my GP that is what I think it may be now-and he said that was why he had sent me to the Liver doc in the first place , as he thought it might be AIH. It took forever for me to get a diagnosis of Lupus-first symptoms started around 2000 then in 2006/7 I was very ill and eventually hospitalised with pluerisy/pneumonia-and I had everything scanned and tested-kidneys/liver/spleen and lungs of course, and they could not find a reason for me getting so ill (Pneumonia/pluerisy is a classic sign of Lupus I now know) after that I had terrible flare ups- mostly joint pain-that would absolutely knock me for six-but then I would go back to normal after-and was told I had 'fibro'-did not get diagnosed with Lupus until beginning of

    2013-so I suppose my faith in the NHS has been really tested- there is Auto Immune issues in my family-Mum has type 1 diabetes and Paternal Nan had RA-and of course I told them all of this. I just feel that the way I am suffering now MAY have been avoided if I had been advised correctly. Sorry for the ran!! Can I ask what meds you are on now? Do you get many symptoms? Thanks Julie x

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