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Stupid Relapse


I very stupidly have had a relapse of 30 days heavy drinking 10 pints after a period of 3 months sobriety. I had a Fibroscan done in August which was 4.5 Kpa, the hepatologist said no scarring or fatty liver. My worry now is could this stupid binge have caused me scarring to the liver or Cirrhosis. I have stopped now and don't plan on going back. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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As you seem to have a pretty healthy liver, I doubt that you have caused anything that you need to worry about. But if you are still worried, see your GP for reassurance.

You don't really need anyone to tell you that if you maintain this pattern of drinking, your future liver health is definitely going to suffer.

I'm curious why you felt the need to go for three months without drinking at all, did you think your drinking was out of control ? If that is how it is for you, there is a need to approach your liver health and drinking from the point of view of an understanding of how drinking and lifestyle will cause possible liver damage.

This would include visiting the British Liver Trust website. A good start would be the 'Love your liver health screener.' After that there is plenty there to teach you the basics and more, of how to care for your health generally and specifically your liver.

In the meantime, don't worry too much about this setback and concentrate on being well.


Hanc in reply to LAJ123

Thanks for your kind reply Jim, After I lost my Mum, my partner and my job all within the space of a few months I really went off the rails with my drinking, then I realised I needed to stop for good which I did for 3 months, then the depression gradually set back in and I took a drink which set me off again. I am really annoyed with myself and worried after getting such good liver results and am now worried that I have damaged my liver. Thanks for your kind reply and good advice I really appreciate that.

LAJ123 in reply to Hanc

Always happy to give support.

Jim (and Lucy)

Hanc in reply to LAJ123

Thanks very much, much appreciated.

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