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Only 22 and worried about cirrhosis symptoms?

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Hi I’ve just been super concerned about my liver due to the fact that I used to drink pretty heavily for a few years and now have drastically reduced it, and to this point today, decided to stop altogether. I only started drinking at around 18-19 and binge drank at parties and stuff occasionally and then from 20-21 drank like every night the whole year. And then started to reduce my drinking a lot more over time slowly until only a few beers on the weekends. But I’ve been having pale stools. So far I think that’s the only symptom I really have. I don’t feel any tenderness in my liver area and my urine is always crystal clear because I’m always drinking water. I’ve done the whole milk thistle thing and drinking lemon water all the time and trying to eat healthier. I went vegan recently. And then I also have had this strange slightly pinkish yellow ring around the whites of my eyes for a while and it doesn’t really look like eye jaundice but I can’t tell for sure. I still just need to get an ID because I lost mine (because I’m an airhead, forgive me) so I haven’t had the time to schedule an appointment for a doctor and I just want to get my insurance ducks in a row beforehand and I’ve just never really made an appointment with a doctor before. I just feel worried I’m at like the latest stage of cirrhosis and I just wanted to hear someone else’s experience or insight into this matter before I go on to having a doctor look at me which might not happen for a little bit. Should I be extremely worried or just continue on not drinking and hope for the best?

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It's unlikely that you have either significant fibrosis or cirrhosis at your young age unless maybe there were other things wrong with your liver that you didn't know about. At your age if you continue to not drink your liver should fully recover from the drinking you've done if it hasn't already done so.

In all likelihood you are safe to forget your concerns & continue to live clean of alcohol. Alternatively you could see a doctor for a blood test to check liver function and explain to the doctor that you drank heavily for a few years and were worried about liver damage and he might send you for an ultrasound to confirm that your liver is healthy. You could also request a FibroScan but you might have to pay for one if your blood test proved to be normal as it probably will.

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Thank you so much for your response. I’m definitely gonna get a blood test just to make sure but I’m glad to have been given a little perspective!

You are spending too much of your time online. Switch your electrical devices off, stick to recommend drinking guidelines and get out and enjoy being 22.

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Could the pale stools be down to the veganism? Just a thought, but I would imagine a plant based diet would change stools? By all means, see your Dr if worried, though I think you're fine aside from a bit of anxiety. Good luck to you, Stacie. 🙂

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Well I looked online and nothing said anything about pale stools and diet change or veganism or anything. It’s like the color of clay or a cardboard box. But yeah I’m just gonna get it checked out I’m sure now it’s probably not like deadly but I wonder if I have inflamed bile ducts or something lol. Thank you a lot!

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You need to get yourself out more and stop worrying yourself .

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Stay away from Google! Don’t drink, eat healthily and exercise. See the Doctor as soon as you can to put your mind at rest. Good luck!


Milk thistle is not good for the liver, neither is a vegan diet, where are you getting your protein from? See your doctor and a dietician for a proper healthy lifestyle change.

Good luck

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Laura I disagree about the vegan diet. There are plenty of protein rich vegan foods like pulses, tofu, nuts and seeds, oats, quinoa and various vegetables. Vitamin B12 however may need to be supplemented as it's made by bacteria only found in animal products. I'm not vegan mind you, love my fish and occasional steak too much 😁. I've asked consultants regarding milk thistle and was told by a couple of them there's no harm in taking it. Not sure it does much but might be a case of it being bad for your wallet more than your liver 😏.

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Only going by what other cirrhosis sufferers on the forum have been told by experts and reported on the forum.

Many vegans have a lot of muscle wastage due to insufficient nutrients in their diet. Id get a liver expert dieticians opinion before embarking on a major diet change x

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