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Return to work


Hi all, this week has seen my return to work, nearly three years after being signed off due to Cirrhosis, and Liver transplant October 2017.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday this week for two hours, seems manageable, was I wrong. I have slept more than ever this week, but at least I am working again, even if it is only a few hours and from home.


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Fantastic news George. I know it must be really tiring for you at the moment but with a phased return to work you can at least get back gradually. I haven't been able to work for several years and really miss it. My last job by the time I'd put petrol in the car and paid for parking I wasn't a whole lot better off but I was so glad to be among other people (I was a travel agent) it was worth it to me. Keep well and take it slowly. Deb

P.S I obviously don't get to go on a works Christmas do, but I'm at the hospital so often maybe they'll invite to theirs 😁 . My last Christmas do was at the NEC and was hosted by Graham Norton. There was an indoor fun fair. Sigh Deb

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Lol - in a nice way Debs. I’m sure they’ll invite you to hospital one - if they have time for one - too busy looking after you 😁😬🤭



That’s great news George. As Deb says keep well and take it slow. I had to give up work in 2016 because of my cirrhosis. Got to the point where I was spending two weeks in hospital to every one week in work. I do miss it though. I miss the company and the feeling of being useful. I fill my good times with Hobbies that I can do at home and will just have to wait until after transplant and recovery for anything more. I wish you the best of luck with your phased return. X

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Same hear Smyally... but I don’t miss the stress 😁




Good on you, well done 🤩


Good job George - well done that man 😁



Hi, great to see your back to work, when I went back I did a phased in return, it took 13 weeks, but once I was up and running it did me good, back among the living,

I've had cirrhosis 10 years caused by my Diabeties, but took Bowel cancer and that's when I was knocked on my backside, couldn't get chemo because of state of my liver, I'm chronic but stable, the cancer was 6 years come January, but after a long recovery went back to work but I reduced my days too, I got another 4 years of working but it got too much because of all my problems, I felt human again, but the body said enough,

Wish you all the best and just take your time, best wishes,

Fantastic news for you. Baby steps, don’t run before you can walk ... and all that. Enjoy the world of the workplace, it’s people who are good for you, not the work.

Hi Grankids3 can I ask how they were able to treat the bowel cancer in the end, I have a friend in a similar situation

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Hi, I had what they called a liver Tipps procedure, went through jugular vein into liver and put in shunt/stent type thing, that was because I have portal hypertension and with the state of my liver I would not survive the Chemo,

Got that done 2nd Feb 2013 and my op was booked 4th March, but I didn't get it till 9th April, as my daughters cancer had come back and she passed away on the 3rd March, that destroyed me at the time, I feel I still have not fully grieved, but I have kept going as that is what she wanted me to do,

Anyway, back to liver, they won't operate on me now due to everything, Unless it was an emergency, I get 6 mthly MRIs, bloods, they keep an eye on things because I have lesions and nodules on liver, the lesions can turn to cancer, hope I've not wrote too much, but that's my experience, hope your friend gets the help she/he needs, x

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Thank you for your reply and I'm sorry to hear about your daughter, I will let my friend know, stay strong

So very pleased for you George_Ayr. wonderful news. god bless you.

Great news. Take it slowly and enjoy. It's lovely to hear a success story. Wishing you a long, healthy and happy future. Alf



Well done, it must feel great to be doing something, well done.

I managed to work right up to my transplant, surprising the doctors. Mostly from home but in the office at least once a week.

Transplant was 11 weeks ago, gave up work, self employed consultant therefore no sick or holiday pay.

Now trying to find voluntary work to do something, daytime TV a great motivation.

Tried the local alcohol and drug charity where my current journey started and they are looking for service users. Unbelievably after a positive initial contact, no further follow up, ah well back to the drawing board.

Well done again and keep it going, good brain food.

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