in shock from fibrous scan

hi, i posted on here to say my fibrous scan was due 6 weeks ago but got cancelled, anyway i had it done yesterday and am in total shock from the result, i dont feel ill, i actually feel pretty healthy but the graph showed im in the red, one step away from chirrosis, i actually thought it wouldnt be so bad due to that thinking, i have been having the odd social drink, which i obviously must now stop, am feeling pretty devastated that i have done this damage to myself.

sorry, feeling bit sorry for myself today.

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  • It's not unusual to feel quite well. Yes you have to give up alcohol. Do you know that was definitely the cause?

    Hopefully the damage will stop now and the liver has a chance to repair.

    Good luck.

  • what was the reading?

  • to be honest i was in such shock i wasnt taking it in, but she was pointing at the chart, mid red, i have to go back to hepatology in 6 weeks so will ask for a print out of it, she did say i abstain from alcohol and lead a totally healthy lifestyle i could get it down to the orange on the chart. sorry im not very clear on it all

  • well the good news on high fibro readings caused by alcohol is that they have to be much higher to be F4 or so I understand-there are loads of people better qualified to comment than me.

    Think if you're feeling good and no symptoms then take the appropriate action i.e. no drink and check again 3 months. If the damage is caused by alcohol and it sounds like it is than there's no reason why things should worsen. You might be surprised by the improvement.

  • also take heart from the comments made like getting into the orange zone...the only way is Orange :-)



  • Three months ago you posted that you had been diagnosed with fatty liver due to alcohol and that you were stopping drinking. However if you have had the 'odd social drink' since, well, not a lot one say really except probably no surprise your Fibroscan result was not as good as you hoped. The way to get better is 100% in your hands, there is no pill and no treatment a doctor can give you apart from what they have already said which is dont drink and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Good luck.

  • Hang in there Tammy. Quitting booze is easier said than done. I'm 5 years without a drink. We're not here to judge you. We're here to support each other.

    I'm hoping this reaches you well and keep speaking to your specialist.

  • Sorry you have bad news, tammy. It certainly could be worse, and you did a good job catching the problems before it got too bad. It takes a long time to repair the liver. A few months is not enough. Don't let it discourage you! Keep making healthy choices consistently - every day. Research ways to be the healthiest you can and enjoy it! It feels good to be in the best shape of your life, which is where you are headed. I am sure that your hard work will pay off when you go for a follow up and see that your blood test results have improved.

    Also, try not to blame yourself too much. Sure, drinking and unhealthy diet are bad choices and its important to take responsibility for those bad choices (that includes me, too!). But keep in mind that everyone is different. Some people are more sensitive to alcohol than others. Two people can drink the same amount, and one can be perfectly fine while the other could have liver damage. Its a good thing for us to find out what our bodies can handle, to get to know ourselves a little more.

    Another thing to consider - is this the only liver problem you have? I ended up having 2 liver diseases. Also, is this the only health problem you have? Sometimes the liver can still struggle even when you are being healthy in your diet and exercise. If you make good choices and still don't see the liver improved at your follow up, you might want to investigate further.

    Hope this helps.

  • thankyou for replies everyone, its made me feel so much better knowing i can come on here and get support, ive totally stopped drinking and am making healthier food choices and i do feel more energetic and better mentally already, so thanks everyone.

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