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Cancelled long haul flight


Before being diagnosed with cirrhosis we'd booked to go to Bali in April next year. I have been trying to get the insurance sorted out but without any success. I must admit that I'd started to worry about the 25 hour flight and being in a less developed country if I was taken ill. Our friends who live in Oz were in Bali at the time of the last earthquake a couple of months ago. They said patients were being brought out of the hospital into the streets as the buildings were collapsing. I'm disappointed but feel relieved at making the decision. We enjoy cruises and city mini breaks so we'll probably do one of them instead.

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I think your being very wise. The risk of deep vein thrombosis in your case would have been a real one. I would also be concerned about possible varies bursting during this long haul flight due to cabin pressure and sitting in a confined space for such a long time could have cause other symptoms to arise. Then, if anything untoward was to happen, would there be sufficient medical resources available to help you? And even if this was available, what of the cost? They would have been too many unknowns and I think this would have spoilt the whole trip.

Get you health back on track first and then revisit this idea again at a later time.

Good luck.

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I agree with what Richard had said. It must be a huge relief to have made a decision. Please take care. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx


I was where you are for 5 years until 2010 looking after my husband with alcohol addiction and all the chronic illnesses which come with it so I know 1st hand just how difficult and frustrating it is for you. Unless he wants to stop drinking you are fighting a losing battle trying to get him to and if he carries on the way he is I'm afraid he will die in just the same way my husband did 8 years ago. I wish I could could offer more hope for you both but unless he stops there isn't.

Have you tried finding out if there are 1 to 1 counsellors in your area who come to the house? Here in Norwich we have the Mathews project which worked for my husband for the last 3 months of his life so if your brother will accept the help and with will power, stop drinking for a minimum of 6 months he could go on the transplant waiting list. But remember these precious organs don't grow on trees so the wait could be lengthy and he will have to abstain throughout the wait. I do wish you all the best and look after yourself too. What you are doing caring for your brother is admirable and bloody hard going but hopefully he will see the light and make the change for a brighter future.

Laura xx


Sorry bridesmum. My reply should have gone to 1727


Thanks for all your replies. I do feel relieved now that I've made the decision. We'll just do a couple of short hops to Budapest and Bruges.

My liver consultant would only allow Corfu last year and this year as I've deteriorated he said a firm no. At least we had a nice spring and summer, best wishes, Julie x

I'm feeling quite tearful today partly because it's lovely to hear people caring about me and partly because my life and how I want to spend it is no longer in my hands. Deb xx

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