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Long awaited consultation


Well after a wait of over 20 weeks I finally saw a liver doctor. He was lovely, he didn't rush me and went through all my hospital admissions and tests. He is insisting on my blood being checked for autoimmune hepatitis as my gp requested it 3 times and the consultant in charge of the labs kept refusing it. If it comes back negative he will do a liver biopsy. He told me that although I'd been waiting for this appointment for so long lots of tests were being done whilst I waited. I told him that was purely due to my private consultation with a gastroenterologist. He was horrified by this and said it was completely unacceptable. He should have the blood tests back within a week and then if necessary he will book the biopsy. He asked me if I wanted to be consulted before booking the biopsy and was I happy to have it done. I told him I just want answers and will have any tests necessary.

I am booked in for a gastroscopy at the beginning of Dec and the original consultant will perform it with another consultant???

I have started with the itching but hopefully it will go away? I finally fell asleep last night/this morning at 7.30am, I feel like I've been run over by a truck 😴😕 hope you are all well and well done reading my version of war and peace. Deb

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It's great when you finally get to have your concerns taken seriously. I'm glad this is finally happening for you!


I'm so pleased you have finally seen a good consultant who knows what he's doing!¡ Hope everything goes well. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx


It seems strange that they would refuse to do these labs- I'm pretty sure they can't be that expensive. I really fdo hope that you get some answers and solutions to your problems. I recommend having the sedation for the gastroscopy (I've always known it as an endoscopy) as well as the throat spray. All the very best and glad you're getting someone to listen to you properly :)

GrandmaDylan in reply to Hidden

I had a gastroscopy and colonoscopy in july with sedation. The throat spray was grim but the nurse told me to "huff" it out and not close my mouth as it burns. I'm wondering why they want 2 consultants to perform it though.


Fantastic Debs - at last! Phew!

Aha and what’s time did you get out of bed 1030 😁?

You keep these novels going Debs it makes me feel not so bad for doing the same 😁

Hope you’re asleep when I’m writing this....


I'm so glad you're finally getting somewhere Deb 🙂. It should all move swiftly now you've had that initial appointment. Xxxx


Well, it is good someone is listening to you. I am thinking of you and sending a virtual hug.

Hopefully some results soon. xx Jaycee

Really happy for you Deb, You will hopefully have answers which you need so much. I am going to Liverpool on 5/12. I rang up and asked who i as seeing and its a real liver specialist! We are fortunate in that we are able to fight to get to see the right people. I feel for those who can't do this either due to feeling too unwell or don't realise that they can question the medics and ask for a 2nd opinion if need be. Hoping you wil get answers and and possible treatment to improve your health Hazelx

Thanks for all your good wishes. Hope you are all (relatively) well. Deb

It's great when you finally feel like you're getting somewhere towards answers and the right treatment - really pleased for you!

Hi GrandmaDylan,

So good to hear that you like your doctor and he seems proactive.

Best wishes to you!


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