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Cirrhosis and hip surgery

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Hi All - I have a question 're hip surgery. I'm due to have a hip replacement some time soon. The hospital has been messing me about, telling me first of all that the op would take place some time in October and now telling me December. I have sent an e-mail protesting about this but haven't had even the courtesy of a reply. I was recently told that if I agree to have the op performed by Mr B instead of Mr A the operation could be done in October. Having researched both surgeons on the NHS website, I find that Mr A, the hip specialist, performs on average over 240 hip ops p.a., not to mention his private work. Mr B however, who specialises in foot and ankle surgery, doesn't even appear on the website, although I was told by the hospital that he does about 4 hip ops a month.

I've told the hospital about my cirrhosis and the added risk this brings to any surgical intervention. Still no joy.

I'm considering writing an official letter of complaint but don't want to alienate the surgeon for obvious reasons. Do you guys think I'm right to insist on the more experienced surgeon? And should I ask that he liaise with my gastro man?

Your thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Beauport.

It may be worth talking to your gp about your concerns who may contact the relevant hospital departments on your behalf and may be more likely to get a reply and answers to your questions. Good luck

L x

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Thanks Laura. I'll try her but I'm expecting her to tell me to take what I'm offered. We'll see!

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Let me know the outcome x

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Of course x

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