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Mouth ulcers and cirrhosis?

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I have cirrhosis and about eight weeks ago, I got what I assumed to be a couple of canker sores on the insides of both cheeks. After doing what I could for old fashioned remedies and my sores worstening, I broke down, went to my doctor's office and saw one of the nurse practitoners. He gave me prescriptions for two different mouth rinses. They didn't work and it kept getting worse. Saw my dentist who examined and took loads of photos. He was totally puzzled and sent me to an oral surgeon who put me on steroids. There seemed to be an improvement, but after two days off, they came back with a vengeance and now include my tongue!

They are now talking autoimmune diseases and even a possibility of cancer. Has anybody else experienced anything like this? Maybe not even liver related...just wondering.

Getting sick of sucking pureed food through a straw.

Happy New Year, Everyone!


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I used to get a lot of mouth ulcers. Nothing as bad as what you describe but used to get them quite often. I actually got them a long time before cirrhosis was diagnosed and thought they may be due to other immune system related conditions that were causing me problems at that time. They continued for a fair few years but started to reduce as my liver disease actually was getting worse. Not sure whether there was any correlation or just a happy coincidence. I haven't though had any real problems with them at all since transplant. Hopefully that will continue.

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Thank you for the reply. I've never had mouth ulcers, cold sores, or anything like that in my whole life! They will be checking for autoimmune diseases in the very near future. Big hugs and best wishes to you.

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You too and good luck.

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Hi. Sorry to hear you've got this. It must be painful and annoying. Hope it will get better soon.

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Thank you for the well wishes.


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I had the same problem occur a few month pre liver transplant and post transplant. After surgery tbe following was included in my daily medication;

Nystatin belongs to a group of medicines called anti-fungal antibiotics. Nystan Oral Suspension is used to prevent and treat fungal infections (thrush) of the mouth, throat or gut. It also provides effective prevention against oral thrush in those born of mothers with vaginal thrush.

I am not saying that this medication is right. for your condition but in my experience it was very helpful. It may be worth a mention when next at your GP or consultant clinic. Good luck 😊

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Thank you. I'll mention it to her.

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I too had bad mouth ulcers I thought they had come from noware not related to anything, was not coping with them I had never had any problems with my mouth before.

I had been working really hard and had put my extra fatigue down to that, but one night I couldn’t move in bed put it down to my fibromyalgia, but it would have been the worsed symptoms I had ever experienced, even included gout, I had never had that before, then I noticed my eyes were more yellow than my normal pale yellow (Gilbert’s syndrome)

Lucky I was going for my yearly check up at the hospital I have autoimmune hepatitis and was told this time I could not say no to steroids my liver results had gone the wrong way, so I now have 3 steroids a day told it will be for a year

I was amazed that from the moment I took 3,tablets I had no pain at all Never never have experienced life without muscle pain

Told the fibro site they boo hoo’d it saying steroids work as an anti inflammatory so I must have been missed diagnosed fibro I don’t care what they say I’m pain free for the moment, specialist said our bodies our amazing go with the no pain but that when I come off the steroids it might come back but it also might stay away no promises

My ulcers disappeared in 2 weeks thank god but I had had them for just over a month horrid things did make me feel quite down

My diagnosis for autoimmune hepatitis has not been straight forward it’s always been mentioned as ‘that’s the only thing it can be’ I’m not the normal AH but I have totally trusted my specialist, 30 yrs ago I said I did not want to have steroids and I slowly got better, but this time when I was told no choice I listened to them. I have had a couple of mini episodes but I bounced back fine.

One thing I have noticed is tell the speacialist all your symptoms however small you might think they are

Good luck let us know how you get on


Thank you. I'm glad you're feeling better. I'll be writing all of my symptoms down for the doctor.

I'm so very thankful for the wonderful people on this site.



I always seem to get splits at the corner of my lips, the only thing that has worked is vitamin b compound bought from the chemist, just wondered if this would help you too. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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I had a centenetre hole near my tonsil thought it was tonsils went to docs and she said abscess and gave me some directional spray and eventually it cleared but cause the liver does 500 things there’s bound to be deficiencies

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