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Claiming personal independent allowance

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Hi everyone,been a bit of a year for me healthiest and emotionally....I just wondered if anyone could give any advice on the pip (allowance)I tried to get it 2 years ago but on my assessment (face to face)I had the most awful time with the assessor.I decided to try again now,wondered if any of yourselves has had any luck in claiming it.I have cirrhosis...he...intermittent bowel incontinence...chronic cellulitis of my legs,,I live alone but have a freind who has helped me so much so often...any advice would be n hugs to you all

6 Replies
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Hi Felines. Sorry to hear that this year has been a bit of a rollercoaster for you. I applied for my PIP two years ago and I agree with you about the face to face consultations. I have cirrhosis and have issues with portal hypotension bleeding and HE. I am also prone to kidney infections and have issues with breathing due to a previous lung condition. I initially got turned down for PIP but was told this is the norm as they are trying to make cutbacks. I appealed the decision and eventually had to sit infront of an independent panel. There was a doctor on the panel who could see how ill I was and I was awarded the PIP. I suppose what I am trying to say is stick with it. If you feel their decision is wrong appeal. Get plenty of evidence from GPs consultants any one you can think of. I found help from the citizens advice invaluable as well. Get them involved at the start of the process. I wish you good luck

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Gordon99 in reply to Smyally

I also had trouble applying for pip. Got it at 3rd attempt. Face to face at home because I was so ill I was housebound and in & out of hospital.

The forms are screened for key words and using the wrong ones can lead to rejection. The right key words can lead to acceptance. So the truth will not always cut it. Someone with a knowledge of the key words, such as a doctor, can make the vital difference.

A warning. Pip is withdrawn after 28 days of consecutive hospital stay. This happened to me. When I was on life support. I informed them that I’d had a transplant a few weeks later, when I was able. Five months later they asked for a refund for the weeks they paid when I had spent over 28 days.

It took 45 minutes for them to take the repayment as they are only set up for sequestering your income or benefits. I didn’t have any.

They then asked for £50 fine, even although their letter said they were not charging it. Presumably because I had informed them as soon as I could.

They demanded I send the letter back. I did so. But they still hassled me for the extra £50, calling me at 19:30 a couple of times and sending a letter threatening bailiffs .

I refused to pay the fine as it would be admitting guilt and I am innocent.

The system has faults. Persevere and find someone who understands how to avoid key words on these forms

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Don't do the PIP How you disability affects you form yourself - get help from either Citizen's Advice Bureau or your local council's Welfare Rights Officer. They will do their own assessment of you based on what you tell them and put your descriptions down properly using the appropriate 'buzz words' to score the points for each descriptor.

We had a hell of a journey first time round, hubby was actually being assessed for transplant at the time and still scored zero at first face-to-face assessment. We got the help of local welfare rights team to take the application to appeal and hubby was awarded enhanced rate daily living and even some points for mobility. This had all taken about 2 years to process and as the 3 year award was backdated to date of application we had to go through the whole thing again a year later - this time face-to-face was much better and he was awarded enhanced rate daily living and basic rate mobility without a fuss. Recently had to do the new 'renewal' process and award was renewed without a f-2-f.

I now use the member guides on the excellent website Benefits and Work to complete the paperwork as we don't have a CAB and having already used welfare rights I sort of knew what they were looking for. We also managed to get excellent supporting letters from hubbies hospital consultant and she has sent subsequent ones in support of each renewal.

You need to send as much medical proof as possible since DWP, ATOS, CAPITA and these agencies will not go in search of any information which supports or substantiates your claim.

Don't let them knock you back then leave it, you must appeal it all the way. They knock you back and know that some folks will not have the strength to fight it but if you do fight there is a really high % succeed in getting the award at tribunal.

Wishing you all the very best,


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pip-lit in reply to AyrshireK

I agree about getting help to fill in your PIP form. I'm a volunteer for a charity, recently had a women in whose scored nil. We redid her form and she scored 58 points on the daily living and 20 on mobility: she need 12 on both to get the enhanced rate. She had described her capability on the 'best of the best' days (Maybe once a year) - not wanting to appear a bother. We did it on a normal day....

Hi Felines

Can you contact your local Citizens Advive Bureau for some specific advice? Here is the link to their website;

Good luck,

Best wishes


I was advised that sometimes they will ask you a question, then a few minutes later will ask the same one, just worded differently to see if you give the same answer!!! It happened to me on my face to face. Also, take someone with you if you can . Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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