Hep c treatment employment and allowance benefits stopped

Anyone got advice for me I have chronic hep c genotype 1a I have just finished treatment with the new drug zepatier I was on employment and support allowance got called for a face to face assessment whilst in middle of my treatment and got zero points so have had all my employment and support allowance stopped I have suffered with anxiety and depression for a number of years and have just been diagnosed with copd I had side affects off the zepatier fatigue sickness and diarrhoea I was also getting pains in my legs and my legs were numb for weeks I wanted to know if anyone else has been taken off benefits whilst getting treated for hep c I think I have been treated unfairly and I am appealing against dwp decision

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  • Definitely appeal, the Hep C trust might be a good source of support for your mandatory reconsideration and appeal process.

  • I spoke to someone at hep c trust they took my details and told me one of their benefits advisors would contact me within a few days that was a month ago no body has rang me I will have to ring them again

  • Hi, jive just been turned down for pip even though I suffer with chronic cirhossis, many other complex health problems and mental health just because I could do a few tiny exercises. Am going for appeal. Everyone who knows me are shocked and I am devastated so your not on your own best wishes, juliè xx

  • Hi Julie thank you for replying to my post I am so sorry you have been refused pip it's an absolute disgrace I find the so called health professionals lie about the answers we give this shouldn't be allowed to happen it says you can record your assessment but you can't do it on a phone and you have to ask permission also you need to make two copies of the recording on a disc or tape I wonder why that is maybe because they are liars and don't want to be caught out lying I hope you are successful with your appeal the advice I got given was to get as much evidence off doctors and specialists regarding your illness good luck x

  • I've been told that you are awarded points for things you cannot do at the face to face assessment for example if you manage to get washed daily and dressed no points will be awarded for this not all illness stop you getting washed and dressed I got zero points in my health assessment as the health professional who was a nurse wrote things I did not say and he stated I was well kempt which annoyed me so can't you suffer mental health problems if your clean and tidy have you got to go in dirty and stinking to have depression or mental health problems it's wrong I've heard of people committing suicide because of unfair assessments

  • I ended up in hospital after decision, sober but heart problems. My report stated after a home face to face that I was coherent and was able to answer questions. Assessor arrived an hour early, before my support arrived, she walked with a stick and because I could reach my ankles with my hands she stated I could waĺk over 200 yards which I can't, and do everything a healthy person can which s far from the truth. I'm providing new evidence and appeal starts tomorrow. Capitals are so cruel to needy people. My next door neighbour lied and got pip yet my evidence meant nothing. I can't lie.

    Good luck, juliè xxx

  • How long do you have to wait for appeal for pip with esa they have told me they will look at my claim again it's called a mandatory decision there's no way they will rule it in my favour this can take months then I can lodge an appeal for tribunal in courts which I will be doing I have had this happen to me before about five years ago and lost the appeal I had thought go on Jobseeker's Allowance and the lady in job centre told me to keep applying for esa as I wa unfit to work to claim jsa you have to be fit to look for work which I'm clearly not but it's the only way to get any income so people have no choice but to go on jsa it's wrong I find genuinely ill people don't get esa or pip but people who lie get everything when there's nothing wrong with them good luck with your appeal let me know how it goes x

  • Hi chell,I'm appealing straight away, today in fact. We are prepared to go all the way to tribunal,

    I know you have a month or something to appeal by

    Best wishes

    Julie xx

  • There is a proces for all benefit decisions. First you are required to do a Manadatory Reconsideration, and then if that fails you the go on to Appeal. Your local Citizens Advice are the best to contact.

    All the best


  • Hi Bob, have a social worker, mental health advocate and cab all working for me thru all stages leading to tribunal. Had a long meeting today so it's all in motion, thanks for advice, juliè x

  • I feel for you. This is exactly the sort of thing I am worried about.... I am about to start treatment for hep c - don't know details yet - and with the added anxiety and depression factor what the hell do we do without an income. Eat healthy ??? What a joke !

  • Just to add - sorry guys- I lost my partner of 15 years in may due to liver failure. DWP had not paid him a penny for 3 months as he was unable to attend 1 appointment cos he was ill !!

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