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Normal Ultrasound and LFTs


Hey guys,I have been having pain in my right upper abdomen for a month now.Let me also add I have itching on my hands from time to time especially when I touch cold water.I have had blood work and liver function test.My doctor sent me to get an ultrasound which was normal.I was then referred to a gastro whom Insists I am fine.What should I do n what tests should I ask for?My pain is still there plus itching

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I wish you luck getting to the bottom of this. I also have bother with discomfort and itching. (About a year and a half now) I've had lots of blood tests and an ultrasound, appt with gastro etc. Found nothing so far. Just wanted to say you're not in your own.



Well i was fairly similar. Loads of ultrasounds but no real clue as to why i was going downhill so fast. Then my fantastic consultant, at Derby Royal, said they need to look for a blockage in the liver. Next ultrasound i talked to the operator who said they couldnt get a clear view. Back to the ward where i was told i could go home - nothing found! Unusually for me i said to the round doctor (well he wasnt round, but you know what i mean 😀) that the question posed wasnt answered. He was not happy with me i can tell you lol.

2 days later (after weekend) a CT scan. Low and behold thrombosis in portal vein!

Transplant followed - best thing since sliced bread...

Best of luck and keep on asking questions - not in my nature at all 😧. But do do whatever they say, if you dont it will only lead to difficulties downstream i think. But i know nothing!

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