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Trying to not be afraid

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Heya I am an ex-alcholic 3-4 years( I am 25) 10 pints a night, a whopping amount of alcohol I know 10 months sober now. I have only ever had one symptom of liver problems which I steatorhhea with the associated weight loss which has been a constant.

I've been wait on a diagnose on the cause of this since I have been sober, I had lft run 3 times the 1st 2 weeks after quiting drinking, I have the ultrasound about a month after quiting all clear and a ct scan, although they were focusing on a kidney blockage but my sister(used to be a Dr) has told me that when they do an abdominal ct they do a complete report?

I try to stay positive but I find it impossible to believe that I haven't drank my liver into oblivion. They are moving very slow on the steatorhhea front but are going full speed with the previously mentioned kidney blockage. They want to do surgery to correct it and I am game but I fear what will happen if I have they surgery with the undiagnosed cirrhosis.

Sorry for the rant, I just hard because you have to wait so long to talk to a doctor or get test and I know they are so overwhelmed

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Forgot to say I've also had a colonoscopy

If you scans an blood test have been all okay , then you should be okay . Let it be a huge wake up call . They will be sure you have no issues prior to surgery as long as you have also been honest with your Dr.s . There isn't a lot of rhyme or reason as to why someone may get cirrhosis after 10 years of drinking like that , or another person may not. Sme people seem to be genetically more susceptible to cirrhosis from drinking alcohol in excess. I have known young people like yourself with severe cirrhosis , and others may be able to drink for a lifetime and never get liver disease . Both those examples are extremes, for the majority if you carried on like you were you would get cirrhosis , 20 or so years of hardcore drinking and yep your livers start to scar , the end result being cirrhoisis .

Hi, it’s easy to say stop worrying, but that’s exactly what you need to do. First things first. Well done for getting to 10 months of sobriety, that in itself is so important. I eventually stopped drinking when I was 43, I am rapidly approaching my 59th birthday. My Cirrhosis was not discovered until I had my gallbladder removed, although it appears in my notes it was never discussed with me. I was then diagnosed with NASH and HCC, that’s non alcoholic cirrhosis and liver cancer for those that have not been around too long. The non alcoholic cirrhosis just made me laugh because I was sure my liver was completely pickled. The rest of my story has been well documented on here, so I will just gloss over it suffice to say that the doctors told my family that at one point I wouldn’t make the night. I firmly believe that having abstained from alcohol for 14 years at that point gave me a real fighting chance and I grabbed it with both hands. Do you go to any groups to help with staying sober. I go to AA, and for this alcoholic it’s the best thing I have ever done. Get the kidney blockage sorted out and see where the rest of the journey takes you. Stay sober, stay safe, you have your whole life to look forward to.


Cheers ray sounds like you have had A tough go of it I wish you all the luck in the future

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Hi. Great post. I had been drinking totally excessively for about 35years before problems. I was then told in no uncertain word i had to stop drinking immediately or ELSE. Well i have now not touched a single drop in 4 and a half years! Barnet, i give you credit for going to AA i couldnt cope with the thought of that for some reason. Ive got through it thanks to my wife!

Anyhow about 18 months ago my liver said thats your lot mate i cant help you any more lol. Plus side:- transplant 4 weeks ago. Fantastic. Did it hurt - No. Liar 😬

Hi mate it depends on the person I drank 60 pints a week for about the last 10 years and the 20 years before that about 40 pints a week and i have no liver damage at all 3-4 years is not realy an excesive time so i would not be too worried and as your sis said if there was a problem the scans would have picked it up and you would have been told

Get your other problems fixed and try not to worry to much about problems you have not been told you have

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That k you for sharing your story it's a real comfort

Good for you mate we are all here to support and help each other

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