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Fatty Liver? Haven't felt Good in Months


Can you have cirrhosis with a fibroscan of 4.3? I've had constant Right and left upper quad pain for three months. I've been a daily drinker for 10 years. Have had CT and ultrasound. Both showed a fatty liver. ALT was at upper limit for a couple years. Quit drinking 3 months ago and all labs have normalized. I feel constantly fatigued. Doctors have stated that my liver capsule is causing the pain. Doesn't explain the pain on the left. Sometimes the soreness can be felt below my ribs on the left. I've been told that I have fatty liver. The CAP score was 250. Could it be just fatty liver that can be reversed? I've lost about 25 pounds in the last 25 months. Essentially been on a Paleo diet for 3 months.

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Hi Tex, sorry you are feeling rubbish... you and me both! 😕 Judging by your results it's unlikely you have cirhossis. I too have a fatty liver amongst other things and I also feel constantly exhausted. Some people get symptoms with fatty liver, some don't. The pain could be down to liver if it's swollen pressing against other things in your abdomen. How are your bowels? I ask as my upper left pain under the ribs is down to them. I honestly wouldn't worry too much as it seems you've had a thorough looking at already and as everything seems ok id just keep on abstaining from alcohol and eating a healthy diet. It can take a while to reverse a fatty liver. All the best to you. X

Bowels are okay, I guess. Don't seem to have an upset stomach or anything. They were somewhat pale but have darkened. Sorry to go there. I've had an endoscopy and they noted a possible hiatal hernia, but that was it. Thanks.

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25 pounds in 2.5 months

My left pain was down to a diverticular caused by constipation, that's why I asked about your bowels. Everything In your abdomen is so contained there, if something is swollen in that area ie your liver, filled with fat it could be referred to your left side pressing on other things like your bowel, diaphragm or even nerves, also a hiatus hernia can press on nerves. If id had a 4.3 fibroscan, clear endoscopy,clear ct scan and normal labs I'd be pretty happy as long as the pain wasn't really bad. If it is or it worsened I'd go back to docs. You've done really well with the weightloss and lifestyle change, maybe just give it some more time? Im not a doctor obviously but thats my best advice. X

Thanks for the reassurance Stacie. I also hope that your situation improves! With my history of beer drinking and the fact that the pain has carried on so long just has my mind running circles. I will keep praying for the best and treating my body better.

Honestly Tex, I totally understand your worries I'm the same at times. Im still waiting for a thorough looking at and tests by consultant, been waiting 20+weeks now for appointment. I've a few other things going on besides the fatty liver but I'm hopeful it'll all be ok when I finally get my appointments through, nothing else I can do at the minute except same as you, look after myself the best I can ☺. X

Hey, if your FIB score is 4.3 i am confused because I have decompensated cirrhosis with HE etc etc etc due to hepatitis C way back when I was diagnosed. My understanding The fibrosis is evaluated semi-quantitatively and staged on a five-point scale from 0 to 4

(F0: absent; F1: enlarged fibrotic portal tract; F2: peri-portal or initial portal-portal septa but intact architecture; F3: architectural distortion but no obvious cirrhosis; and F4: cirrhosis.) It doesn’t go higher, so maybe your 4.3 score is something else like . I have never had liver pain but I have had my gallbladder removed very very painful, kidneys hurt sharp pain, stomach hurts all the time , the spleen is sore the esophagus sore, an I have lower back pain right side. All my blood counts are either higher or lower then normal. If your blood work is close to normal like a few points above your lucky , mine where close to double normal before I took the medication for hepatitis C. Have your thyroid checked and also check for low T those two will tire you out quick if they are off.

Good luck

DLD Tx 🤠

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Thanks for the reply Dld! The fibroscan scan goes quite a bit higher. However it also measures fibrosis. I think we're talking about two different test. I've had my thyroid checked and everything checked out okay. Last ultrasound showed liver to be back within normal limits and little to no fat. Latest blood work had a couple things out of the normal but doctor didn't seam concerned. I've got an appointment next week with the GI doctor to see if anything else could be going on. Thank you again for taking the time to reply and I truly hope your situation improves.

Best of luck to ALL.


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