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Liver pain no diagnosis


Hi I've had pain in what the drs call the liver area for 2.5 years. The pain is gradually intensifying. I've had all scans available and numerous blood tests all come back normal. Alcohol certainly brings on the pain and so does antibiotics. The pain is in my right rib area and gallbladder checks are clear. It is a worry as I don't know What it is and it hurts all the time now just hurts more with alcohol which I don't have now and antibiotics which I'm on a lot due to chronic sunusitus. Anyone else had this and been diagnosed? It was mentioned about muscle pain but I've had steroid shots and didn't help. Also I've noticed on the really bad days any food makes the pain worse.

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Unfortunately no diagnosis, but just to say I am also experiencing the pain you describe. I recently had viral hepatitis and am recovering from the symptoms of that however this pain is something new. Have you had any liver issues prior to this pain? I was just reading on here and a fibroscan might be something to look in to?

My consultant has also advised it could be muscular however it hurts even when I don't do anything. I hope this doesn't go on too much longer for you!

Supershelle in reply to Jacob88

I had a fibriscan I paid for privately in Bristol my results were very good. Once not had liver problems prior to this. Do you know if viral hepatitis shows up on a liver function blood test as I've had several of those and all fine.

Jacob88 in reply to Supershelle

It must be so frustrating for you! Yes, I had deranged liver function and was very symptomatic!

I had hep C for many years but have now been treated with the new anti viral drugs successfully , Thank God. Suffered with the pain you describe , which in my case was due to my Hep swollen liver stretching the sack that the liver sits in , and in addition my liver was pressing on other organs such as my pancreas. It has taken many months but gradually as the swelling reduces, the fibroscan number drops, the pain has lessoned, and it is now a niggling annoyance!. The worst thing was half of the Drs don,t believe that you,re in pain as " the liver has no nerves" many folk have had that problem, infact it was my liver nurse that explained the sack that surrounds the liver possibly being the reason for my pain. Hope yours goes soon guys, it is miserable.

Rhubarb17 in reply to moonbeam4

Yes. I have aches front and back of the liver area. Nurses don't seem to accept it's the cirrhosis causing the pain. Keep saying it's muscular or stomach. I've had this for years and had HVC probably for at least 10years. It's undetectable after Epclusa and Ribavarin course of treatment. My bloods are good but my post treatment fibroscan score was 21 with +/_ 8. I sometimes get weakened up at night with the nagging ache. I have accepted it's going to be like this and just hope I don't go decompensated. I also have splenogemy with aches on the left side. Some foods seem to make it come. I think the liver nurses try to help me from worrying about it.

Endearment in reply to moonbeam4

what helped with the pain. i have had a ct scan, blood work and nothing comes up. my belly bloats like a balloon so scared to eat. If i have sluggish bile or my gallbladder isn't empyting properly is there medication one can take for this?

Hep, will not show up on the usual liver panel blood test but will need to be tested for seperately I believe. ☺

I have very similar to you. I know I have a mildly fatty liver but apparently not enough to cause pain. I pushed for gastro referral and now waiting for mrcp and hida scan to look closer into gall bladder and bile duct issues. Maybe worth a try?


I have had the same problem since I had my gall bladder out 2 years ago, had blood tests and scans all come back ok, I have a fatty liver I don't drink alcohol, on my last visit to my GP he suggested that I had thick bile ? but the pain gets worse every time I eat so don't eat very much now as the pain puts me off.

It's so strange. I've been to a dietician and she agrees it sounds like gallbladder however I've had 5 ultrasounds (I know but that's at my gps request as believes it to be gallbladder) plus a hida scan, c.t and fibroscan. Surely something would show by now. It's weird how it's worse on antibiotics that are processed by the liver. It's hurting more now as I'm on co amoxiclav for sinuses.

Gastro don't want to know.. just say maybe another ibs symptom , which I've had for 25 years and I know it isn't that as it doesn't fit. They refuse to do more tests so refer to pointless pain clinic.

I found out by accident at another clinic that I do have a mildly coarse liver although my gp said nothing to worry about

Have a look at S.O.D. Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, they are trying to diagnose me with this. It does seem quite similar.

I have 'painful attacks' all the time, but MRI and CT scans pick up nothing...just my liver bloods are deranged.

I really hope you find answers x

A few suggestions and questions

Since you have IBS it is recommended to have a test for PSC.

Despite your ultrasound results you still may have galbladder sludges ( not within the detection range of normal US) . This is common in women.

do you have dogs or cats? Although doctors are reluctant to consider the possibility there are many common parasitic infections that cause hepatobilliary complications .

More importantly problems after drugs is common and may cause acute or mild injury in liver. Check if your Eosinophils level ( under CBC, wbc) is normal? If not consider allergic reaction.

Thank you for this info. Just to update...i went to Turkey recently and the 1st week had no pain...had a few glasses of wine no probs then I got food poisoning and vomitted. For the week after that extreme rib pain. It hurt to walk and sit. I thought maybe I pulled a muscle vomiting but then again my stools were not right and still my tummy is bloated 2 weeks on. Rib pain constant. Bowl , muscular or liver ? One other thought I have endometriosis. Could it be that high? Apts for gastro take 6 months in between each pointless test that gets repeated. Due to see gastro in a month but letter states it's just to reassure me ultrasound fine they won't be doing more.

Endearment in reply to Roozbehkh

what can get rid of gallbladder sludges. i seriously think i have this??

Hi Supershelle I too suffer from liver pain (I do have Chrosis) but my labs and sonagram were all normal . But I think the doctor thinks I'm nuts . I know what I feel and the pain is real . Hope you get some relief soon .


Hi how do you know you have cirhosis if you don't mind me asking? if results ok how did you find it? Does the pain only come with alcohol or with food? Medication?

When I was having surgery my surgeon didn't like the looks of my liver and he done s biopsy and it was Chrosis. I don't drink I did when I was young but nothing in several years , it seems like it when I eat .

Wow that is incredible! I've pushed for a biopsy but won't do as bloods ok.

Good luck sometimes these doctors act like they don't care . My opinion only .

Shame it wasn’t gall bladder sounds dead on that it would have been !

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