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Varices Banding


Having my varices banded for the 3rd time tomorrow. First time was after I had a bleed which they think was associated with my blood thinners (pradaxa) i was on. I have two questions if you ever had your varices banded. How many times/how often you had to get it done. Secondly what did you use for pain. All i can remember was even swallowing water was extremely painful. All i was offered was Chloraseptic throat spray. It only eased my pain for a few seconds. First time i had 7-8 bandings and the next time it went down from 6-7 banding. Can’t remember the exact number.

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Between 2012 - 2014 my hubby had 12 banding sessions hubby with a total of 42 varices banded. His varices were eradicated and he now only has to have an annual endoscopy - his next one is next week so we'll see how all is going on.

He had the same pain after banding, the pain being internal as food / drink passed the site of the banding and could be sore like that for up to a week. He was advised by consultant just to take paracetemol (this being the liver transplant unit consultant) but not to take too many.

Best wishes to you, Katie

I had banding done many times and regular check ups after. I had two very serious bleeds during that time. I always just had spray when they did endoscopy and banding. Remember a bit of pain but not taking anything. Not sure if because of mental state where I was in illness or? Since my transplant over two years now everything seems fine and not had any more of the endoscopy things thank goodness. Hope and thoughts that all improves for you and all your pains etc ease.

Hi I've been going for banding now since January, every 4 weeks. The first few times the pain was awful and lasted for 10 days afterwards only eating soft mushed up food.

After that is got easier as the varicies got smaller and less to band. I was told untill the varicies stopped coming through and presenting a problem I would continue with the procedure monthly. It' just a waiting game , then you go to 6 monthly scopes.

My advice is don't try to rush eating too quickly. Take food that is soft and warm drinks not hot or cold.

Good luck


Hi Ive had banding in the past as well and I found it to be very painful but it gets less painful as they get smaller. I was pregnant so they allow me to take Tylenol only. I bought children's Tylenol in liquid form to help get it down.i was allowed Tylenol as well because my liver is relatively healthy-but consult with the doctor first before taking anything. When you feel well enough to drink fluids try drinking Boost drinks or breakfast drinks. They would fill me up more to help with hunger. Good luck.

At first my banding was a few weeks apart, now once a year and not too bad usually. Last time there were no varies, the year before because I wanted too long due to shoulder surgery, they were huge! I should be back on a yearly schedule now after that long interval and a short one following that.

Nexium (sp) is what my doctor recommended. Oatmeal is the best I have found along with the drinks others have recommended.

It gets easier and down to ones and two's.

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