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Another varice banding

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I have been feeling just fine, but today I went to see my GI and he banded another 10 varices. This time he tried to perform them with out anesthesia, but the drugs to numb me and to sedate me were not strong enough. I don’t remember fraying to pull the endoscopy tube, but eventually was put under anesthesia. I latterly felt like I was floating for several hours after the procedure due to all the drugs the tried on me:(

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They give you a drug to put you into lala land and not to knock you out. All I remember saying was that this really hurts, then I was in the recovery room. They couldn’t finish my endoscopy for the same reason. They wouldn’t band any of my GI veins. They just told me to call an ambulance next time I throw up blood and get taken to ICU after the operation. That wasn’t helpful at all .



Sorry to read of your experience (s) (Bret11) I have this procedure to look forward to, my last gastroscopy was quite good for me (I usually struggle with my breathing and retching) so I hope my event is better than yours.

I will say that having this done a number of times I now ask for the throat numbing spray and sedation this has made it it much more bearable for me. I would suggest you try try the same.

I had the sedation but I don’t think it was enough lol

So far I can remember every detail of the gastroscopies I have had. My last one was a very different experience I notice on my discharge notes that I had 4mg of the sedative previous times it has been 3mg, so in this case drugs ARE the answer (I hope) ;)

I’ve only had it done several times thru going to emergency. My veins are now down from a category 3 to a category one. Let’s hope there are no more calls for an ambulance. It really ruins my day lol

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