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need help

Im the caregiver of my spouse diagnosed with irreversible stage 4liver disease. Just about died 2x. The last time the H.E got so bad he was issued a Certificate of Incapacity and spent 5months in a care home. Since hes been home almost 5 months he hasnt taken ANY meds except his pain meds. Now his mentality is not good barely can walk , nosebleeds and coughs up blood. He has diahrea and legs and feet are swollen as well has a hard swollen stomach. He has NEVER been jaundiced. Does everyone get jaundice? He wont go to the hospital he wants to die at home. Im curious about the jaundice and rights i have to admit him. ?

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I do not know about the jaundice bit, is he still deemed to lack mental capacity? do you hold a power of attorney that covers medical? (If he lacks mental capacity, you probably can't do it now). If he is not taking his medication, I would get his GP to come over for a chat and look at the options, as his caregiver you have every right to be heard and you may find you can get some further help


So sorry to hear your story.

No my husband never had jaundice atall. Was transplanted due to cirrhosis caused by Alpha1 Antitrypsin deficiency and many HCC tumours found on explant, but as I said never had juandice.

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If he was declared incompetent, surely someone was appointed to act for him !!! Without specific language limiting the circumstances of the declaration, the person appointed should be able to act on his behalf, which includes having him re-admitted without further ado.

However, I'm curious as to why you mention jaundice. Does the declaration specify that he must have jaundice? Not everyone develops jaundice; I have never been jaundiced. Perhaps the person who wrote the Certificate of Incapacity included too many conditions. In that case, you will have to adhere to the conditions of the Certificate -- ALL of them. You're caught between a rock and a hard place. Unless you hire a solicitor who can write an acceptable new Certificate, you probably will have to let him die at home.

If Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE) was the justification for the original C of I, would a new C of I suffice to put him back in a "care home" ? That appears to have been the turning point. Is that what you would like to do?

Please do share how you solve this truly sad situation ! Losing so much blood and other bodily fluids will surely result in lethal dehydration, more quickly than you think.


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