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Ache in my liver area

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Hello hope everyone is having a better day, my questions is does anyone else have pain in their lived area all the time? I have been diagnosed with Chrosis. But I ache and hurt all the time 🙂

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HI Catherine,

I did have an ache for a short time when I had liver inflammation, when this was resolved I had no aches or pains. As far as I am aware the liver has no nerves, pain is felt when it is enlarged as it affects adjacent tissues.

I hope it gets better soon.


Thank you Paul maybe mine will cease one day ..

Yes I do but no diagnosis error there part

Thanks hugs to you.

Hi Catherine.. i have recently had a lot of pain in the liver area which has resulted in a hospital admission for two weeks. I had numerous investigations and not reaaly any results..

My gp feels its my gallbladder and my liver being stretched. In the hospital the team have come to the conclusion that my liver capsule is stretched/swollen due to my cirrhosis and have put me on a pain medication for nerve damage. I still hv pain in my side most days and my quality of life is affected by it.



Thank you lighthouse 123 I had my gallbladder removed last October they thought that's what it was . I am learning to live with it take pain med if it gets to bad . Hugs to you have a great day!

Hi there, i used to have had liver pain when i was on the demon drink. This was due to inflammation.

I do however have the same pain in the upper right quadrant area. I have done now on and off for 4 weeks and waves of nausea.

I am now suffering bloody awful heartburn. 🙄. No idea why, but it seems to be after a meal.

As they say the liver has no nerves but the capsule does. It could be from another source ? May be you should see your dr. Im hoping for some answers next week when i see my hepatologist. Hope you feel better soon

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Faithfull in reply to Millie09

I got that as well I never had heartburn but I been sick as well. Who's in u photo I'm so nosey

Thank you Milie09 for your input they have run tests after test can't find the reason for the pain. Now I'm having chest pains schedule for s cardiac pet scan next Tuesday. Oh well everyone is battling some thing. You take care hugs have a good day.

Your most welcome hun. I hope they can get to the cause of it all .. yes we all suffer one way or another. 🙄. Let me know how you get on. .i am at the QE hospital liver unit Tuesday to see my hepatologist. , i have a list of new ailments lol. Take care xx

Same to you care and hugs

Bless your heart you take care of you . Cause these doctors haven't been there so they don't know what we are going through. Let us know how your doing..hugs and kindness to you.

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