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Thank u

I have been on here for couple days and this is not even for me it’s for my father I just want to help and get info and be involved and be worried and be scared . I can’t talk to anyone of my family about my worries about my father but this pg makes me get it all out and feel better . Any small info has helped me help him . I’m so scared I feel like we will lose him cuz he is in the hospital a lot and he is not the same person and I feel him suffering and I just want him to be okay . I know it must be much harder on my mom that’s why I have to not say anything and just keep it in and be strong for her but this pg helps me get it all out thank you

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I was in and out of hospital that much it was like my second home..

Even now I have appointments every week or fortnight at hospital and in a few weeks it will actually be a whole year since I have spent a night in after about 6 years lol

It's a hard journey but you should talk to your mum you may find now that you have some more information that you may be able to relieve some of her fears x


I was on the A&E Christmas card list lol. I think this is the longest I’ve been out of hospital for. It’s been about a month now. I miss my bed there sometimes.


I've written to you privately as you may be a child


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