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Missing Sleep

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Sleep and I used to be best friends, but then cirrhosis came along and I don’t see sleep anymore. I miss sleep. Sleeping helped me stay calm during this cirrhosis journey. I know sleep distribution is all part of this disease and lots of us suffer it but tonight (actually this morning) I’m just feeling frustrated with it. Moan over x

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I know what you mean. Another sleepless night. I managed some on Wednesday night due to exhaustion, that's the only time I can bid off. It is very frustrating. Are you doing much today? I've got drs this afternoon, seeing a friend this morning. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Hi Lynne. I have to take my daughter to the drs this afternoon. I am supposed to be going to a social craft group this morning. I would pull out of going but I’ve cancelled most other things this week due to exhaustion. I do think it’s good sometimes just to go out and put on a front and forget about illness for a couple of hours when I can. Have a lovely time with your friend and I hope your drs appointment goes ok. Xxx

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Thank you so much. How are you today? Take care

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Hi Lynne hope your day was good. I’ve been exhausted today. Hopefully some sleep tonight. I’ve had worse things on this journey so keep smiling. On the plus side the weathers been dry today so been able to get out in the garden for a while. Take care

It takes me forever to fall asleep. It got so bad that I started watching the overnight shopping channels lol. Now I’m moaning about too much sleep lately. 9 hours overnight and 4 hours during the day. I can’t win.



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Lol no can’t win Brett11. I’ve had weeks when i have 1 maybe 2 hours sleep. Then out of exhaustion sleep for hours on the trot. I know what you mean about watching the shopping channels. Hope your keeping well.


Went to see my Dr today, she said I've not osteopenia or osteoporosis, it's all my fibromyalgia , liver etc, said there's nothing they can do re fibromyalgia. Just got plod along and keep smiling!!! Take care everyone. Lynne xx

I feel your pain! Not as a sufferer but sharing a bed with one! Hubby seems to have a few weeks with no issues then a week of tossing and turning! I usually only relax once I can hear his breathing change and I know hes's asleep. What with that and 2 snoring dogs, i get used to functioning on a few hours, but I know sleep deprivation is awful.

Sweet dreams , hope you have a better one tonight xx

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Hubby and I have never shared a bed in all our married life due to his disrupted sleep pattern with cirrhosis.

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TBH I'm a fairly light sleeper myself so any noise or movement disturbs me! I do sometimes think sleeping apart may be easier! This does seem to come and go tho, is this normal? Only diagnosed in September so still getting used this

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I totally understand that. Love my hubby to bits but haven’t been able to share a bed since the cirrhosis because I just keep him awake. Sounds horrible to say but also when you spend a lot of time in hospital you do get used to it.

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Thank you, I know it's hard for the carer as well, my husband feels helpless. I know how that feels. Take care xx

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