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Umbilical Hernia


Things seem to going from bad to worse, Peeps, my husband’s Ascites has enlarged so hugely to the point his belly button has herniated. He saw his surgeon last Tuesday and he quadrupled his diuretics - Tamsulosin and Frumil - and he passes a reasonable amount of water in the mornings but that’s about it. He cannot be operated on because of the dangers involved. I am weighing him each day but he has actually gained a pound, not good. Back to the surgeon in ten days in which case he will probably have to drain him again. Peeps is end stage liver disease, anyone else had this ongoing problem?

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I developed 2 hernias eventually draining 10L a week. Just had permanent PleurX drain fitted

Peeps7 in reply to Fastkat

How are you coping with the drain, is it working for you?

Fastkat in reply to Peeps7

Sorry only had for 3 days but the emptying procedure is straight forward. I’m just draining 2L a day which helps.

Forgot to say providing the abdomen is not at maximum tension you can lie on your back and pop the hernia back in. This will give some relief.

Ask me in 3 weeks how I’m getting on with PleureX if you wish


I’ve also got 2 umbilical hernias. My weight also goes up and down. They won’t drain the liquid out as there is not enough in one spot. They just increase my water tablets which gives me dangerous low blood pressure. They won’t operate on the hernias in case I start vomiting blood again. It’s 6 of one and half a dozen of the other with me. I get loads of discomfort with the hernias.



Peeps7 in reply to Brett11

Sorry to hear you are having such a tough time and for taking the time and trouble to reply, your info really helps our understanding, Anne.

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