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Elevated Liver Enzymes

Hello. A quick background of me. I quit drinking 60 days ago, after many years of daily beer consumption. I drank very light beer, but about 15- 20 beers a night. All through my drinking years I kept a close eye on my health, particularly my liver, kidneys and heart. Every test came back in normal range. My doctor even joked a couple of years ago I must have a liver of steal. Two weeks ago my ALT came back 122 and AST 45 and ALP 183. Everything else was in normal range. Yesterday got another CMP and ALT was 184, AST 75 and ALP 193. Doc is referring me to GI doctor. Just curious what the hell is going on? I quit drinking all alcohol. I do not take Tylenol or ibuprofen. The day I quit drinking, Feb 8th 2018, I developed prostitis, and was on antibiotics for about 3 weeks. My doc doesn't think that has anything to do with the liver enzymes, but I'm defenitely concerned. I also had a US of abdominal cavity and it said I have borderline right lobe 17.2cm and a "question of mild fatty infiltration". All other organs were normal, no stones etc... Any ideas why in the world my enzymes are elevating? I have not been tested for hepatitis, but wouldn't that show on the US? Thank you for any answeres on this. Glad to be a part of this forum.

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Hi Sanshoots, & antibiotics are in fact the most common cause of drug induced liver injury. This is usually "cholestatic" in nature (thick/muddy bile) and typically resolves on its own within a month or so after antibiotics are finished.

I got prostatitis a year or so ago, and remember the antibiotics used for this are typically strong ones, and the duration of therapy is longer than for most infections.

Your doc may poo-poo the possibility your anti-B therapy might have cause this, but if you research "antibiotic induced cholestasis", or antibiotics and cholestatic liver disease you will find this is a common issue.

You can look up your med on the LiverTox site and read about it if you like.

Again, this typically resolves on its own within a month or so.

Lecithin (found in egg yolks) can help thin bile and get things un-gummed, so if you can add a few eggs to your diet for the next couple of weeks, this might help. No need to go overboard, but a couple of eggs, two or three days per week might be all you need.

Hope this helps!


Thank you Metanoia for your quick response. I was just reading my US results and it says there is "no cholelithiasis", so I don't know if that's raising my enzymes. I'm getting ready to look up the specific anti b I took on the link you sent. Thank you so much! I have a bad health anxiety, and seeing my LFTs raise like this has me freaked out.


The anti b has only low instance of liver injury. But it said it is possible.


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