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Prediabetic and liver fibrosis

So the doctor finally reviewed my CT scan results which confirmed what the ultrasound showed, liver fibrosis. My doctor is an Endocrinologist. I started seeing her in spring of 2015 and have gained 20 lbs while she's been treating me. I've been on ever diet and diet med she knows of. I have a metabolic disorder. I just don't know what to do. She'd prescribing Metformin and a repeat course of Qysmia. She said the next step is to try to get the insurance company to cover bariatric surgery. My BMI is 32, it needs to be 35. I'm ready to self pay if necessary. Does anyone know of any options for me in the USA? It anyplace for that matter?

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Lara in the USA u can get surgery if you have tried everything to lose weight. They only require diabetes..high blood pressure..high cholesterol and sometimes a 30 percent BMI. If you have 3 of these conditions your private insurance should cover. Is your weight causing you liver problems with fibrosis?if so, I think your doctor should meet the criteria.


No, they won't cover it unless my BMI is 35, mine is 32. Yes, my liver fibrosis is from NAFLD. No hepatitis, just a mild social drinker. I have borderline diabetes, high blood pressure, very high triglycerides. I'm not yet diabetic. But my father and his brother and their mother we're all diabetic. My insurance didn't even want to cover the CT scan. My doctor said if I have no results over the next 3 months she will write to the insurance for the surgery. But she said it took hours of writing just to get them to cover the scan. I've gained 20 lbs since I started with her spring of 2015. Nothing has worked. I've been on every diet med. Now she's trying to combine Metformin and Qysmia.


I am on metformin and it upsets your stomach from the beginning but you will lose weight. I am not overweight but I did lose weight taking metformin.My sister did get the gastric sleeve because it isn't as invasive. She lost 40 pounds. She doesn't need to lose anymore because now she is weight training. My whole family has diabetics also but i am borderline. Sometimes it's not a weight thing but a genetic thing because I am 5"3..1o8 pds.


My Endocrinologist wants me to lose weight because she thinks that will help the fatty liver. I was thin my entire adult life. In my 40s I started to gain but I could do the right things and lose it. Then I hit menopause. Everything changed. I swear I think menopause is going to kill me.

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So after just a few days on Metformin and Qysmia I've lost approximately 6 lbs already! I'm very excited about that and my appetite has decreased significantly but I still like to eat.

I am still having discomfort under my right rib cage after eating and right sided mid back pain tjatvi notice when I go to bed, it's very mild. I don't know if this is the liver or sownthing else. And while I'm extremely excited about the weight loss I'm very fearful that discomfort may be the liver progressing instead of healing.


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