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My 62 years old father was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis because of HBV about 8 months ago. He is taking Tenofovir every day and additionally, lasilactone and lactulose. He has no problem with ascites since the he was started on lasilactone.

From last week onwards, he is feeling nervous, weakness, loose stools, stomach pain & nausea. What can trigger this?

He is non alcoholic and non smoker throught his life.

Thank you all in advance.

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Sounds like symptoms of decompensated cirrhosis. I was given tenofovir to control the Hep B virus but by then the liver was too damaged to metabolise anything properly so medication didn't help. I had a transplant less than 5 months from the initial obvious symptoms.

Not saying the same will happen to your father. I've read of some members having their cirrhosis reversed back to compensated therefore with some luck he might start improving.


Thanks Klodian. We have liver specialist's appointment in couple of weeks. I will update the post once we our doctor.

Doctors aren't keen on transplant, they think he won't be able to handle it well, considering his age and body condition.

You are a lucky man, I wish you lead a healthy life ahead.

It is absolutely disheartening to see him in pain. Sometimes the world is cruel on someone. A person who was disciplined, good eating habits, no smoke, no alcohol and most importantly a loving father.

Sorry, I went off topic, can't help it :(


Thank you for the kind wishes Anant. Don't be sorry, it's normal to feel disheartened when a loved one is going through such a tough time with no certainty for the future.

It is indeed a horrible horrible disease and no one deserves it though it must be twice as heartbreaking when it happens to a family member who has lived a seemingly healthy lifestyle.

Wishing you all the best of luck through these challenging times.




You refer your father's age and 'body condition' as a barrier to a transplant.

I was 61 and extremely unwell when my failed liver was changed for a new one..

I was admitted to hospital for a total of 80 days during 2015 and unknown to me my relatives did not expect me to survive.

Unlike your father, my liver failure was alcohol related. After proving myself completely drink free, with an amazing transplant team dietician and support from my partner (now wife) and family, I forced myself to become well enough to have a transplant.

In March 2016 I had an extremely successful transplant.

Now enjoying brilliant health and a new and invigorating life. I'm active in the Royal Free Transplant Team (won a medal last year) and I'm even returning to work.

I hope that gives you grounds for some optimism.



God Bless, Praying for you a long healthy life


Thank you.


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