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"Interesting " results😐

I recently had routine blood work done and the Dr. said my results were interesting........ Without explaining what exactly they were, she ushered me out and told me to get another round of blood work done and come back in a couple months.

This has started to sink in as time passes, and I find myself going down the health anxiety hole😖

The one thing I could think of that would thro my blood work off was that the week before I had blood drawn I had a severe tooth ache, I was on max doses of Tylenol,Advil ,tramacet,and amoxicillin ..... A few other things I tried to dull the pain as well, even NyQuil to knock me out (I am aware it is loaded with acetomeniphin)..... So dumb!😞

Should it be fair to hang my hat on that little drug "binge" putting my liver values out of wack?

I'm sorry if this post is too vague, but it's all I have to go on...... Really started to worry after hearing how serious this stuff can be, and I have been quite hard on my body for over 15 years now.

I have stopped drinking(exept for a 8 beer slip up at a party), and changed my diet drastically as well as started exercising.

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A short term tylenol overdose that doesn't make you deathly ill may spike enzymes high for a few weeks, but shouldn't cause lasting damage.

Amoxicillin is also known to result in transient "cholestatic" (thick sluggish bile), that can pop enzymes high. This typically resolves over a month or so once you're off the med.

I'm betting you'll get good news with your retest. Resist the urge to get retested too soon. It may take a month or more before labs return to normal.


Thank you for the reply..... Much appreciated


Your doctor owes you the lab report and more details, including what additional tests were ordered. “Interesting” is beyond vague and doesn’t even begin to appropriately indicate if you have any reason to worry at all. Maybe one of your LFTs was a point out of range.... that could be “interesting” but it’s certainly not anything to worry about.

I’d call back and ask explicitly what was “interesting” and get more information on what was being looked for with subsequent tests.

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