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Not sleeping and severe anxiety

I average about 4-5 hours a night and I’m also suffering from severe anxiety (panic attacks) since being diagnosed with cirrhosis every time I feel sick I’m scared to vomit because of my memories of the amount of blood I lost time due to varices where I had 6 band and glued. I’m 41 and now 20 months sober. Finding life hard at the moment but trying tone strong for my wife and kids.

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Hi there, i have been exactly the same as you in regards to lack of sleep. I am still awake at 5am .myself..i get around 4 hours of sleep but it affects me during the day where i have to have a nap. I am stage fibrosis. Which is end stage. Diagnosed 10 yrs ago.

Have you sooken to your dr or specialist in regards to your irrational thinking? I was similar amd had at least 4 sessions of therapy. I am also on sertraline antidepressants which make you get through the day. Well done on your sobriety 😉. Hope you have some sort of mental support 😊kind regards linda


I can't sleep but I'm sleeping in day it's all a nightmare I been told I got cirrhosis then told I ain't different Drs so I am with you with the anxiety the panic attacks the lot to top it all complex PTSD it's all to much sorry I ain't got a helping answer but I no some times it don't seem so lonely in the night . Even if no reply j. All the best


Hello , I had the same but 9 bands for me ! I gather your on something for the hypertension? You'll get used to the situation and things will settle . I don't know the level of your damage but I daresay if its bad or worsens from drinking (don't drink , I often think stress is your sub conscience trying to get you to drink again) if you do bleed again you'll know what to do this time and checks on the band are no doubt booked?

Don't drink !


Anxiety is the key word you to have change , it took me a while to understand this adventure that Cirrhosis is taking us on, I found out by doing research and asking questions reading everything and challenging results when I didn’t understand. This helped me to understand that there is only so much the Doctors or medication can do so time to get to enjoying what can . I have changed my diet only to gain weight then read more changed again lost weight then gained it back. I control my anxiety with low dose of benzodiazepines and attempt to sleep by taking atarax sometimes it works but mostly for a short time at best. It’s the total exhaustion that is hard to deal with when I do finally sleep it’s a good 8 to 10 hrs and that maybe twice a month. The other thing I have done is sat down with my family and explained that this is how this disease works and if I die I am happy and ready to go, I have sat with my lawyer explaining that while I am here these doctors can test me with whatever they want if it will help others live. I guess what I am trying to say is it may help more if you own it you did the hard part getting sober now eat right and things may change for the better. I found ways to acquire more life insurance also groups to speak with. This disease will take your life but I’ll be dam if it’s going to control my spirit. I am at awe of how many of the people on here work, they get out do stuff. So I bought my Harley now I am not fixing to ride all day or win a race but I am in the wind as much as I can rain or shine, hell I figure if I am leaving here best to arrive in the next life with a smile & my boots on riding something rather then sad an mad.

Good luck

DLD Tx 🤠


It's horrendous the anxiety especially after a life threatening bleed I had a few as well the most serious putting me in a coma... After that one I absolutely calmed down (strange I know) but they saved my life and I was in a bad way and the worst thing for blood pressure is stress and stressing over something which may not happen again and it didn't every day just got easier as I was also concentrating on recovering... Hope you can let it go and focus on the road ahead x


I live in the states. I am wondering from reading so many posts that it must be really difficult to get on a liver transplant list. Is that true? I had cancer in my liver from Cirrhosis and was pretty sick. I got on a liver transplant list and had a liver in about 30 days. I did have non-alcoholic liver disease. I have never had an issue with Alcohol. I guess I have just been lucky. It runs in my family though. I am sorry you have such a difficult time. I have issues from childhood PTSD; however, I have come to understand and cope through love and therapy. I am currently 2 mos post transplant. I am recovering well. God Bless you and I hope you can find the help. Health comes from recovery from all things that lead to your sickness.

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