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Grandkids 3

Bloods been tested,

". My condition is stable once again, cirrhosis, splenetic aneurysm(coiled) angina, DIABETEs, thyroid, arthritis, high blood pressure, Bowel cancer now clear 5yrs, but what worries me is the bloods shown that bile count high, I've had very bad reflux, sick/nausea, headaches, very fatigued, I know I have gall stones since around 11yrs now, I get an MRI every 6mth, due to nodules and lesion on liver,

Was wondering if the bile was anything to do with how I've been feeling lately,

Thanks for any suggestions,

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I can't answer about the bile but have you asked your doctor?

I know it is so easy to feel we are bothering them with trivia but if they can advise them you know what you are dealing with.

Take care and all the best.



Thanks, I'm due my 6mthly MRI, next week, then I will see surgeon, I will ask about it then, I hate going to my own doctor as he makes me feel I'm bothering, I did mention it to one doctor, she said I'm no bother and to see her if I need to, I may visit her as I've a few problems ,

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A doctor you get on with is essential. Let us know how it goes with her.



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