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I am a new member and have just been diagnosed with cirrhosis and primary sclerosing cholangitis after four esophageal varicies ruptured. I have a history of ulcerative colitis, but was lucky enough to go into remission for the past 15 years. Prior to this event my liver functions have been normal and the only hint of a problem was some scarring of the biliary ducts within the liver. My main bile duct is fine.

My question is about pursitis. This was one symptom I had prior to this event, but sadly it was diagnosed as an allergic reaction. Since the rupture two weeks ago my pursitis has cleared but still sneaks in occasionally. What have people done to cope with this itching?

Thanks in advance for your help. I have been very glad to have found this group as many of my previous fears and question have been answered.

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Welcome to the PSC club, :-).

For some reason membership doesn't seem to be that popular. I can't think why?

I can't really help with your itching query i'm afraid. Whilst its a common symptom in PSC, I seem to have managed to avoid the worst of it. For me it was never sufficiently bad to need treatment. I do though think i am very much in the minority there. I suspect there will be a few people here though who will be able to give you some good advice on that front. So i'll just say hi.


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Thanks for the welcome Kristian. Not a club most want to join, but it has certainly helped me over the past few days :)



My Dr gave me fexofenadine 180mg which had really worked. Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

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Thanks for the tip! I will mention it to my Dr.


I use Questran Light and it helps to some extent. I also sleep in a cool bedroom with heating off and air the room if necessary. Being too warm aggravates itching in my case. I also thought that eating saturated fats makes itching worse but that hypothesis failed.


Thanks panics. Coolness helps for sure! I will look into Questran Light.

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