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Endoscopy/Ultrasound Concerning Result?

Hey All,

Just received my endoscopy and ultrasound results today. Looks relatively good other then some findings I do not understand?

Endoscopy: No Ulcers, Tumours/Cancer or Varices.

Doppler Ultrasound: Aorta, pancreas, biliary tract, gall bladder and normal kidney. The spleen has no focal lesion, it is normal dimension.

The liver has micro-nodular contours suggestive of chronic hepatopathy. No suspicious focal lesion. Doppler flow no anomaly on the portal vein and hepatic veins.

in Summary: Signs in favor of chronic hepatopathy. No sign of portal hypertension. No focal lesions in the hepatic parenchyma.

I do not see any reference to Fibrosis or Cirrhosis? No mention of coarse echotexture? Its sounds like mild fibrosis? What do you make of these results.

All educated opinions are welcomed, thanks.

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I would really leave the full interpretation of your results to a doctor as whilst the term 'coarse echo texture' hasn't been used they have said chronic hepatopathy which would translate as:- chronic = persistant or long lasting disease

hepatopathy = A generic term for any disease of the liver


Characterized by the presence of minute nodules; denoting a somewhat coarser appearance than that of a granular tissue or substance.

Only your doctor can confirm the state of you liver but it does look like you have a coarse texture thing going on caused by a long lived liver condition.

Good news though in the normal portal veinous flow so no portal hypertension, no enlarged spleen, no lesions of any type. Looks like they've caught your condition before the major symptoms begin, it might be that it's just fibrosis or early cirrhosis and you can perhaps turn things around.

All the best, Katie

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I find that if you talk to the person doing the ultrasound at the time, and you have an idea of what you want to know i.e Can you see any Ascites/ how is the portal flow?, they are usually willing to tell you what they can see, as long as they are not treading on the toes of what the doctor may tell you. I have always found the people doing my u/s to be very helpful and generally tell me the same thing as the doctor anyway. In short if there is something to see, they will tell as far as they able and you are nice to them :)

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