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Advise wanted

I have recently been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver as a consequence of taking methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis. As a consequence all my medication has been stopped including all rheumatoid drugs all pain killers all antidepressants, awaiting my hepatologist decision. I now have a cold my pharmacist even refused to sell me paracetamol to help manage my symptoms.

Has any one got any suggestions to help me as I am quite desperate

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I am so sorry to read your post. My hubby died due to decompensated liver (antibiotics) so I know its a massive shock to realise your medicine caused the problem. Others will have beyter advice than I can give, but do try to give old remedies a go - hot lemon and honey etc - it is def best to avoid pharmaceuticals until you see your consultant. Good luck, I hope your liver starts to recover quickly, the liver is an amazing organ. 💕💕


Thank you for your kind positive words


I would definitely try hot lemon-ginger-honey drinks. Ive used them myself and find them very helpful and soothing.

From my experience, using fresh lemon juice, rather than say bottled works better.

Grating fresh ginger is a faff but I have used culinary puréed ginger from a tube - quick, easy, effective.

Honey - Ive only used cheapest and its always been good.

If youre not familiar with doing making your own, I do this:

Juice of half a lemon + 1 teaspoon fresh ginger + 2teaspoons honey in a mug.

Stir well.

Add boiling water + stir well.

Adjust honey for personal sweetness preference.

I dont take sugar in drinks at all, but use 2 small tsps honey in this.

I like to prep 4 mugs at once and just add the boiling water when I want them - also means my husband can make me one easily without any fuss (!)

Ive used these toddies combined with occasional

Paracetamol before I knew I had a liver problem, Very soothing and lots of vit C to help your poor bod.

Really hope you feel better soon!

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I'm indulging myself now thank you it's a lovely drink.

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I even like them when theyve gone cold! Cant say the same

For coffee or herbals.... i really shud just drink these all the time!

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So Sorry about your husband.

When I went to see neuroligist he was concerned about my medication and said it was priority also management of my chronic liver desease ex alcoholic .2 months ago this was sent to GP and again I ain't heard nothing .


My cure for a cold is Heinz Tomato Soup AND it does have to be Heinz! It contains antiseptic qualities I think. Also ice-cream is good too. I never normally eat bread but I break this rule if I ever get a cold as I find I need to eat as much as I can eat so several slices of bread with spreadable butter on with the Heinz Tomato Soup is very soothing. I am sure this doesn't work for everyone but it definitely helps me. I ONLY ever eat these foods when I have a cold as they are not acceptable for regular use with my health problems.

I also like to try to have hot baths and keep the door shut so you get as much steam as possible. This may also help with your pain levels. Plenty of rest with controlled non weight bearing exercise too and deep breathing.

I hope you will be feeling a little better soon.


Twinkling Star Xx

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Sorry I ain't got any but I have same trouble cannot take pain killers ect arthritis all over just to say that it's a nightmare and I'm here if you need just a chat .

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