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CPET test

This is my first post here so take it easy on me 😀

I’m stage 4 with a UKELD of 64.

As part of transplant assessment I was asked to do a CPET which I failed and was the reason for my rejection. I am on beta blockers and some research says that they have a negative effect on the result.

Does anybody know more about this issue and how many of you took the test prior to transplant? It’s a static bike exercise test over 10 minutes.


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Hello Snel, so sorry to hear you have failed to get on the transplant list due to the CPET test result. Sadly, amongst all those done during your TP assessment this was the key one of them all. The anaesthetist will always have the final word on whether a patient is 'fit enough' to endure the sometimes up to 12 hours under a general anaesthetic in theatre plus the possible lengthy intubation time later as you recover. If there is an issue with heart or lungs it will come out in this test and will be thoroughly investigated. Wher the risk of operating is too great they sadly won't do so.

Details about the test and the theory and things it shows can be found at:- mettest.net/cardiopulmonary...

Have they said whether you'd be reconsidered at all?

Most centres do a version of the CPET test either bike or treadmill. I don't know whether beta blockers affect the result - are your beta blockers for portal hypertension or general high blood pressure - if they are for general high blood pressure then you have a risk factor there already and it's probably what your test picked up.

Wishing you the very best of luck.


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Thank you for the reply. I take beta blockers for portal hypertension but I have no known varies.

I begged for a retest as I was full of ascites and on my chest/lungs on day of test. They allowed me to do this six months later which I arranged via my local Gastro team. I improved my result considerably but was still border line fail. I also arranged an angiogram which showed minimal furring of archeries but nothing that they would treat.

I have stopped beta blockers for now which has increased my heart rate by 20beats . I intend to do a CPET to see if I can increase my anaerobic level.

Does this make sense to you?


Many folks going through the CPET test during assessment will be on the same medication for portal hypertension so I am sure they are aware of any implications it might have on results.

It sounds good that you were able to improve the result when not full of fluid. If you are able then try and do some daily exercise to further improve your heart and lung health you might yet be proved 'fit enough' to get through TP assessment but you will need to try and keep working on it because you can get the call and be rejected with a liver waiting if they feel you won't get through the op.

I am not a medic, just my hubby went through the same CPET test for his assessment and anaesthetist explained it's importance to us both. He passed and was listed but delisted after 10 months as his blood test results took him out of the criteria for transplant and is now back at monitoring stage.

Wishing you all the very best,

Katie x


Thanks Katie

I realise your not medical but we all learn a lot about our condition along the way

This forum is a good source of info although I appreciate a doctor is the best source

Thanks for your support



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