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Getting blood test results

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Can you let me know which centre you have had a transplant at and how they give you the blood test results on check ups ? Do you have them to discuss with the consultant or is there a delay between the blood test and the clinic appt with the consultant? Just wondering how it's done around the country

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Hi, my assessment and transplant was done at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham. Prior to my transplant I had monthly appointment's when blood test were done, the results were given to me at the next appointment, if there was a problem I was told right away. So this ment to me they were working in the background. The Q.E have a system where I have access to my records and results at all times via a web site. My visits to the clinic now vary between 3 - 6 months apart. If you want to know more please ask. Please remember this is my routine other people may vary.

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Hi brummie , that's so reassuring to know how you were treated at the QE , my first appointment is on 28 Feb with Dr Thompson or one of his team . This will be my first ever appointment with a hepetologist in over 8 years of cirrhosis . Used to be under dr Lewis at city hospital , he was a gastroenterologist but be discharged me in August 2015 . I have only ever had one endoscopy done and that was when I was in hospital for 6 weeks with ascites and had three drains done . Can't even remember my last scan ! Very bad I think , so I pushed my doctor in to referring me to the QE . My dr seems to think my liver is doing its job but you just never know what's lurking . Glad to see your doing good ! Linda 😊

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Darkmind86 in reply to Millie09

Sorry her team Fiona Thompson and she is so lovely. Good luck.

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Millie09 in reply to Darkmind86

Thanks Darkmind86 oh so he is a she then . Trust me to assume it was a man 🙈. Thanks for the heads up !

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Darkmind86 in reply to Millie09

She is lovely we've seen 4 different docs from her team and they are all great. I assumed she was a he too. Lol. C

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Mez4uk in reply to Brummi

Thanks, we are also at the QE but much more recently. Just wondered what went on around the country too. Having to get used to the idea of discussing bloods that are a week old I guess - also have access online but that can be a catch 22 if things are not going as expected.

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Brummi in reply to Mez4uk

Hi I know the QE quite well as I go there on average twice a month. Almost got my own car parking

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Millie09 in reply to Brummi

lol !! I'll give you the nod on my next appointment then brummie lol

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Jahida in reply to Brummi

I'm another QE frequenter. In fact lately the visits have been once a month.

They usually call me if there is anything significant in the blood results and you can also use myhealth website. You need to ask your consultant for a leaflet code etc.

QE is lovely. I am under Dr Hirschfield although I prefer seeing his colleagues than him. Dr Tripathi is nice.

Hope all goes well!

I had my transplant in Leeds and bloods were done on each visit. I would usually get results shortly afterwards through email contact with post transplant team.


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Did you ask them to send you the results or was it a suggestion from them, they seem to not tell me anything of relevance and it's beginning to annoy me

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It is a while ago now but I recall being asked if I had email and would be happy communicating via that. It was an extremely useful way of communicating, to be quite honest: quick, informal and direct.

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Thanks for that Mike am going to ask them at my appointment next week x

I have been treated by Dr Simon Williams at Nuffield Health Center Ipswich and then via same consultant at Ipswich hospital. Blood results tend to take about a week no matter if it's private or NHS. This is for Hep C treatment though not transplant.

Kings take bloods when I'm in clinic and generally write a letter withy my status and some key results.

I get bloods done for transplant team monthly by my GP, I get these back in 24 hours and I go in and collect a copy, if there is anything odd I email my nurse contact at Kings and she gets it to my heptologist and transplant team as I don't trust my GP faxing it to Kings. If I'm bored I sometimes play top trumps of blood tests between different tests I've had!!

Thanks for all the replies guys - it's early days for us and I find it very frustrating to discuss bloods a week later, particularly if things are not going to plan or as expected.

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