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Cpet test

Hello i have been assessed for transplant however I failed the cpet test I had been in hospital for 3 weeks and and only been out for 10 days when I had to go and do the test I only have 30% lung function due to alpha 1, but my consultant rang me on Friday to say because I got extremely thirsty they are willing to allow me to be retested, I'm so worried as he said if it gives out the same result it will be a no. My husband is desperate and went and bought a treadmill yesterday to help me get stronger when retesting takes place anyone got any ideas how to cope with thirst whilst wearing the mask.

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I just drank plenty before the assessment. I didn't finish the bike test on both occasions as my muscles just couldn't cope as they had wasted from a long hospital stay. Is there any kind of procedure they can do to improve your lungs before retaking the test? They were considering a triple transplant with me as my lungs and heart were bad but I had an op on my lungs for the retake that improved them just enough to warrant only needing a liver. Would they consider a multiple transplant?

Alicja xx


Thanks for replying yes I think you right dry mouth, I have been on treadmill every hour for 5 minutes I'm so exhausted.


Would you say very thirsty or the feeling of a dry mouth??

The mask is a fairly unpleasant thing to have to wear, when I did my test, i made sure I was breathing through my nose for the first majority of the test. As I understand they compare your results to a bench mark style test, eg I'm 37 and in the past year remained fit, although suffering from muscle wastage and lack of energy, my test results are going to be very different to yours.

They are looking at how your body responds to physical stress, looking at comparison of heart rate to blood pressure to oxygen level etc.

Any sort of low level training is going to help, but to really own this test I found the only way is to dig deep, it is going to be unpleasant as your legs will hurt as the lactic acid builds, its all part of the joy of exercise.

A while ago I dabbled with jogging (pre my current condition!) and there is method there of taking two breaths in, and one out, I don't know if this would help get every last bit of oxygen in.

On the treadmill you will want to vary the rate of exercise, by either the incline function or through a slightly higher speed, do these as intervals, varying the intensity will help to dissipate any horrible lactic acid build up and help your muscles to deal with a range of situations.

Stairs would be good as you are going to engage different groups of muscles, or the old stand up from a chair, just remember in these exercises to try and maintain your core strength particularly in getting up out of a chair, basically hold the correct posture, don't use anything but your legs/butt muscles to stand up, there is probably a video on you tube that shows it better than I can explain it.

I hope you can work on your fitness and get through the assessment.


Thanks for replying the lung dr said my lungs didn't need transplant. I have been walking on treadmill every hour for 5 minutes I was struggling so much,


Is that struggling to breathe after 5 mins? Or struggling with energy/feeling you can't go on?

Remember Rome wasn't built in a day, and fitness/improvement doesn't come over night. Just keep on building on what you are doing, increase in small increments, set a goal to work up to.

You can do it!


Struggling to breathe, and thank you I will be on it again in the morning x


Hey Mushroom-71 sorry to hear you're going through all of this. When's you're repeat test? It is possible to build your fitness so you do better on these tests. Was it a bike or treadmill that the test was on because you could practice on whichever one it was and that will probably be most successful. There is something called interval training which is quite successful in people who find it tricky to maintain exercise but that still builds your fitness really well, basically you have to push your self as hard as you can for a short time say 30s to a minute, then rest, then repeat once you feel able, I.e. Short burst high intensity, it's thought to be more effective in people who can't maintain a lower intensity for at least 10 minutes and is often more tolerable for people with severe lung disease.

Have you thought about asking your doctor for a referral to your local pulmonary rehab group? It's basically an exercise training program for people with lung condition but you should qualify because your lungs are also effected and it might well give you the boost you need to get a higher score on the cpet.

Really hope you can build your fitness, you're in my thoughts and prayers x


Thanks for replying I will have a look at that today. Unsure when I'm being retested I was on a treadmill yes I have attended a pulmonary rehab group, I will go on you tube now many thanks xx


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