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Pins and needles in my feet aaargh!

Hi All,

I've just found out I have established, but compensated cirrhosis. All my LFTs are normal apart from GGT at 59, I eat a fantastic diet, don't drink now and don't miss it! (this was so hard!). I do walking, climbing, yoga, horse riding, nothing else any more symptom wise.

Almost two years ago I was in hospital with jaundice, swollen stomach and bloods all over the place, and itching aaaargh! but managed to get better!

At this time I had no feeling in my hands and feet and cried in pain as it came back. Now a couple of years on I have some mild numbness in my feet and they, and my fingers go white and numb in the cold and sometimes at night.

Is there anything I can do? :-)

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Used to have a similar issue with my fingers, although funnily enough not so much since actually being diagnosed with Fibrosis and then cirrhosis. When cold, my fingers used to go white and almost opaque. I was having a bit of trouble with joints at the time so assumed it was all part of that process.

Its similar to what you get with something called Reynaud's disease. But, as with most things i seem to have had it didn't quite follow the right pattern for that and was ruled out. Something else, along with the joint issue put down to some form of immune system problem but never really got to the bottom of it. It actually stopped being an issue probably around 2008/9, although hands, and the rest of me for that matter, did still get very cold very easily in the period after Cirrhosis had set in.


Yes it’s just like that; white, can’t feel or bend them. I always get cold! Is there nothing I can do for it?

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Hi , i have been living with compensated cirrhosis over 9 yrs. It has been the last 12 months where i have noticed a decline. Insomnia, that's a bugger , mild hepatic encephalopathy. I now have osteopenia in my hip due to bone degeneration.and a decline in sclerosis of the bone in my left leg. I have pins and needles in my left hand and foot .sometimes my right. I am to have a full nerve conduction test and mri next week at QE HOSPITAL. you are doing fab ! Your energy levels are more than i could ever wish for.i have too much pain now so im restricted.


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