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On my feet again, all organs relaxed.

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Some of you will recall only a few weeks ago I was told it was the end and that I needed to let my family know. Since then I have once again pulled myself back up. I cycled twice this week, total cycles was around 3 hours but I also have done 3 hours of rythym gymnastics which are as strenous as cycling. I feel fantastic. I do understand how ill I am. I see the ttransplant doctor again this Saturday morning. But I do have liver cancer now, fortunately it is encapsulated but after more than two years it has grown enough that most likely I will need a few Ablations to reduce its size before I can be transplanted. I've changed my diet a bit these last few weeks. I have years of having to change it because as the disease worsens I am less able to move fluid and food from my body. I just want all to know that we are still here and there is possiblity of maintaining an enjoyable life. I have had to adjust my attitude so many times to keep clear on this. Its not the same life not even from year to year but its still a good life and precious to me. My greatest fear is giving up and falling deeply into depression. I am really enjoying everyday of my life now. I have no liver pain, no cancer pain, no pain in any organ. Nope I cannot sleep much at night and eating is tricky and takes so much mindfulness. But I am still off all medications except for a tiny dose of Propranalol for the portal hypertension and varcies but right now I have no varcies.

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this is great news i love the photo. inspiring as usual and just what i need. god bless you catfishjumpin,i love your gritted teeth and your determination. they are nice and white. you will probably never know how many people you are helping with this post. i dont talk about my pain as i find it doesnt help me but i understand when you say that your greatest fear is giving up and falling into deep depression, i fight that feeling a lot, including this morning. this is the first post i'v looked at and its really helped me. thanks so much. love grace 💞

Much love to you too. I often think of you. I am glad to know you a bit. I cannot explain it in words other than to say the way you are in life is very helpful to me. Thank you for being a lovely human being. Aloha

Hi Catfish jumping. So glad you have survived to fight another day. You are a shining light of positivity in a very trying situation and have so much helpful and insightful information that others can use. I too love my cycling and it is a big healthy force in my life. You bike by the ocean....I bike in the countryside and in the mountains of Scotland and Northern England. I am starting treatment very soon with Viekira Pak and Ribavarin. I am dreading it and do not really know if I am doing the right thing as my health and liver function is not too bad without treatment. May your day be good and filled with lightness. Best wishes.

Where you cycle sounds so beautiful. I love the old english novels of pastural life. How long does your treatment last? One of my first treatments was Ribavarin and Interferon for a year. I hope you can kill the virus while you are still strong. Good luck, I will listen up to hear how you are. I wish you the best outcome and I so appreciate your shout out cheering me on.

You are an inspiration. Go girl!!! The positive mental attitude you have is something to behold. Wishing you all the very very best xxx

This means so much to me. Thanks for cheering me on.

Keep cycling , and adjusting , you got this girl. You are one strong lady , may I suggest you write a book too. X X

you go girl.....keep on proving them wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) xx

Hi Catfish I've only known you for a relatively short while and I can honestly say that you have given me so much inspiration it's unmeasurable. I wish you nothing but positive thoughts and prayers and hope that they can get you to transplant through whatever means they have at their disposal. Keep on rolling, all my thoughts and best wishes, Ian

we love you Catfish. You are one hell of a strong brave woman. You carry on,your amazing ❤ xx

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Great photograph so glad you are out and about what an attitude you have ....you are a star ✨✨✨✨✨✨

Bless you Catfishjumpin i am all fingers and toes crossed for you, keep doing what you're doing xxx

Good news! Happy for you and love the picture, you are such an inspiration keep posting it is uplifting and good to see someone enjoy life even while fighting the good fight!

You are amazing, you have given all us on this site encouragement to say the least. Keep posting Catfishjumping.

Regards- FisherKing1

Wow! You are incredible! Your spirit is so inspiring. I hope you might write a book or blog to share your courage with others. Sending love to you from England. Helenx

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Excellent news,. Obviously you are a very strong woman, I am sure with the exercise you are doing you will get through it all. Good luck and hope you get your transplant soon

Great post Catfish!

You are inspirational to many of us on here. You've proved that the never give up attitude can work wonders.

I'm also bloody loving my bike at the moment. 50 miles since Monday this week and its only Wednesday lunch :)

Do you strava, I love watching the miles stack up


Good on you cowboy! Ah I kind of envy you watching the miles rack up on your Strava. Its great fun to do that for a year. I have not used it but I would love to. I do belong to the group on FB "I love road cycling". I also mountain bike. 40 miles in hot sun is my best distance, 20 mile treks are fun and very rewarding. Right now I am trying to learn to just ride but not too hard so I do not hopefully get as much liver fatigue from cycling. Ride on and enjoy. You are amazing, glad to hear all about it.

"Cowboy", I did actually have a horse until about a year before transplant hence the pseudonym :)

It all became a bit much as I got sicker and had to sell it on. My other half still horses but I just haven't bothered, maybe sometime soon.

I went out mountain biking last night with our local club. I'd never done it before in the dark but it was absolutely brilliant, following the trails under a spotlight. I've swapped the horse saddles for my bike saddles now.

Ah the sweet life, I love cycling at night! Good on you. I have not done that in awhile but the night air is cool, the light is medative, it has its own unique rewards. I am so happy for you!

good for you,great , all the very best to you.

Thanks, Catfish! Reading this made my day :)

Fantastic photo of a fantastic strong brave woman! You go girl, you are truly inspirational, keep doing what you're doing, every moment you're enjoying is worth living for, and you've got lots of miles left to go yet! Looks beautiful there!😍

Doesn't get better then this comment here " Its not the same life not even from year to year but its still a good life and precious to me. "

YOU are a strong azz women! Cute to.

Thank ya thank ya friend😝

That is so wonderful to hear, you have a beautiful spirit never let it go, because all things are a ssible with God I don't know you personally but I am praying for you and your family for the best outcome in all things good God Bless you!

Thank you. You are generous. Aloha

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