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NAFLD any positive success stories

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Diagnosed after may LFT bloods and since dropped a stone and a half from just over 17 stone to 15 stone 4 exercising daily cut out all booze and eating a liver friendly diet but bloods getting worse as below..wondering if anyone else had experienced the same and had any success stories with nafld as all I ever seem to hear is the bad stuff?


23 May

Alt 133

Ast 44

Triglyceride 3.5..

Serum cholesterol 6.5

Had ultrasound ..liver normal size looked perfectly healthy..kidneys spleen also scanned and told looked ok

30 June

Alt 108

Ast 44

Triglycerides 5

Ggt 77

Cholesterol 7.6

Fibroscan 6.98 19 Sept 17

10 Oct!!

Alt 193

Ast 67

Ggt 95

Bilirubin okay

Alkaline phosphate ALP 155

30 Oct

Alt 154

Alt 128

Alp normal

Getting very worries as doing all I can but seems to be getting worse...has anyone managed to reverse this and if so how long did it take and did lfts go up and down as you lost weight?

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We can't make any comments about readings as such we have to learn that to the experts. All I can say is that I have been trying to eat healthier and I have still got my balance wrong as I have been taking in too much potassium. I lost about a stone in a few months. Now I had to look at lower potassium food and found I need to eat a lot of boiled vegetables rather than microwave or stir fry. It also looks like not using the vegetable water is also crucial. Still trying to find everything else I need to do.

I'm back at my doctor's in two weeks and I intend to see him to ask for a referral to a dietician. Maybe it could be good for you as well. It is so difficult finding a safe balance. Good luck to us all in finding the balance.


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Sorry leave that to the experts.

i can't comment on your numbers, but it takes time for the liver to heal stability is a good thing or slowing down of the bad numbers

yes i do agree we rarely get news that someone has been well ish for the past 5, 10 years

i have liveing with my wife's cirrhosis since 2004 and osteoporosis since 2009 and now we are living with HE for about a year now

we can never get well but we are looking for something live-abel

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Welcome to the forum.

Differences in normal range for different laboratories can make it difficult to compare or comment on individual test results specifically. This is due to the different brand of tests that are used and how these are interpreted.

This forum is here to share experiences and provide support to each other and we would advise against posting any test results or asking for specific medical advice. This is not a medical forum and should not be used to try and make diagnoses or replace advice from your own medical practitioners who have a much wider view of your health and test results.

We appreciate how worried you are and hope you can still post with regards to support and information but it is against the rules of our forum to post test results and to ask for specific medical advice,

You may find The British Liver Trust publication on liver disease tests explained useful to read;

However, it really would be best to discuss your test results with your own doctors who know you best,

Best wishes,

BLT admin

I was dx with Fatty liver & ITP in 2015. Told once to lose weight & it may help my liver. Put on high doses of Prednisone for my ITP & gained 35 lbs in 3 months. After more treatments & stopping the pred. the weight didnt disappear. My ALT & AST had risen in December of 2016 so my GP sent me to a Gastroenterologist. I started riding my exercise bike & eating better in Jan. 2017. In March 2017 I was dx with NASH & Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. Since Jan 2017 I have lost 70 lbs and in July my AST & ALT are in normal levels. I have more testing in Dec. to see where my levels are at then. Every one is different. Hang in there.

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