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Tumour on Liver

My husband has just been told he has a large tumour on his liver and that they think it is cancer. He has had a CT scan and all his bloods done. They have come back normal. He had his MRI done and have now been told that they cannot cut it out as it is too big and a transplant is out of the question. We are devastated and are thinking of going private. He will be having a biopsy next week to determine what type of cancer it is as it isn't a secondary cancer.

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Welcome to the forum.

We are sorry to read that your husband is going through such a difficult time.

You may find the British Liver Trust information on liver cancer useful to read, here is the link, at the bottom of the page is a further link to download the online publication;


We hope that you find this forum a supportive place to visit,

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Hi Joannakat. Sorry to hear the bad news. Is it just the one primary carcinoma, do you know what size it is? Has it spread?

I had one tumor which couldnt be treated,though they did a chemo embolisation whilst I was placed on the list for tx. It was 2.7cm. I know there is a given size over which they wont operate. Or a given number of tumors?

My blood counts were fairly normal for many years even though I had cirrhosis and the tumor due to hep.

Will they be able to offer alternative treatments?

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I think one is 2cm and the other is 5cm. His blood tests have come back normal and the rest of his liver is healthy. But they say if they removed the tumour it wouldn't be enough for him to survive. They are saying a transplant is out of the question due a risk of the new liver being at risk of it doing the same thing.


Can they not use chemo embolisation to shrink the tumours?


They have said that they can't shrink it. I don't know why.


Hi Joannekat I am in the same position I as diognosed with liver lesions and had a biopsy done it said that they were carsonoid tumors secondary from lung cancer I had 30 years ago I too cannot have treatment of any kind because of other health issues they told me I could not have an operation because I have only one lung and I would not survive the anaesthetic I cannot have chemotherapy because it could cause me to have sepsis and they tried to do an emberlism to block the blood supply but had to abandon it due to my liver blood results showing I had almost liver failure but I found that this was caused by an injection I was given in my back side which made me pee like orange juice and affected my bowels as well I would not advise anyone to have that injection have the tablets at least they can be stopped my latest blood results now show my liver count is back to about normal and the scan shows the tumors have grown a bit but no alternative treatment is available so they say all they can do is leave well alone and just keep monitoring me to see how big the tumors are growing we have come to accept things now and take every day as it comes I do hope your husband has a better outcome with his type of tumors as carsonoid type react to better treatment than my type best of luck mickmm


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