Heart condition and Liver disease?

Hi I have a close friend who was rushed into Hospital with heart issues and while he is in,has been told that he has liver disease (not alcohol related only one or 2 drinks every few months ) we have now been told that he only has a 1 in 10 chance of surviving his heart op and that without it he will only live about 12 months at most. He has been told his liver has been damaged beyond repair . I suppose there are many questions I should be asking and I will try and get the exact details from doctors etc on his behalf, but to help him I need to get my head around it all and while I have read many comments and suggestions which have helped me. I am still left wondering what to expect as the illness progresses and how I can help him to understand it all.Can you please help me to understand the stages of the illness and the restrictions that will come.

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  • Without knowing all the details its all speculation so not entirely helpful but I guess it could be undiagnosed cirrhosis caused by hep c...of course it could be something else. However a damaged liver may still support the body for quite a while so if the heart needs attention then they will see to that..it would be worth knowing what the liver disease is because that could have caused the heart issues.

  • I hope to get some answers tomorrow on type of liver disease, just hard never get to see a doctor when i visit , hopefully my wife is staying down with him and she will get some answers.

  • ok all the best-let us know-there's a lot of expertise on this site

  • Hi, I was born with a heart valve defect and still had a liver transplant in 2013. First thing is to stay calm and tackle issues as they happen, don't look for them and do not believe everything you read on the internet. I still see a cardiologist also I am 67 still doing ok. My PBC was an autoimmune disease as I said take issues as they happen. Good luck.

  • Thank you, I am still waiting to get a case review sorted and get the two medical teams together and get answers at the same time, At least he is a good hospital in southampton

  • I know someone with severe liver damage from cihrrosis and was told he was unable to get an operation for a new hip but got a second opinion a year later and the consultant told him he would do the op and there should be no issues so I'd def get a second opinion if I were you. How old is he? If I were him I would want a few more answers (and solutions) ASAP you have to learn to be pushy though or I'm afraid you will fly under the radar. Good luck keep us posted.

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