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Sean Hughes

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Definitely one of my favourite comedians and such a tragedy that he has died so young from cirrhosis of the liver.

I hope that something good will come from the sadness of his passing with increased awareness of this disease.


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Poor man . R.I.P I also hope it brings awareness

wasn't he aware of his cirrhosis and continued to drink?

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CGem in reply to james_92

No, he wasn't and he didn't.

Love to his family at this time of their tragic loss, a great loss to British comedy.

He died from a heart attack he just happened to have cirrhosis.

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LAJ123 in reply to jojokarak

From what I understand he was admitted with complications of his cirrhosis and this resulted in his heart failing.

Wake up call to many including me as I'm only a few years off his age. I drink 60-70 units a week but keep giving up for 2 or 3 weeks and then back on the beers. Poor Sean's inspired another break. Let's hope this break lasts longer. RIP.

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Hidden in reply to Kev12564

RIP Sean and sending love to his family at this sad time. Lynne xxxx

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molby in reply to Kev12564

Sounds like me. Been drinking like that for 15 years. Get pains, become worried, then have a week off, then back to the usual routine again. His death and subsequent reading on the subject in depth has made me more conscious and concerned. But I love a drink and don't want to quit. But can see me ending up the same way as Sean if I carry on. Perhaps If I cut it back by half I can still avoid cirrhosis but still enjoy a few. Will be doing that.

Was he an alcoholic?

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LAJ123 in reply to acjb007

I think we should wait until there is an official statement - anything else is just rumour and supposition.

Whatever the cause of the cirrhosis, it’s a cruel disease one you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy! So sad ....

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Miche49uk in reply to Anna1963

Agreed, RIP xx

On their Facebook pages The British Liver Trust have posted an amazing article written by Sean Hughes himself.


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Thank you for sharing jim,

Best wishes,


R.I.P. Sean, I loved your comedy

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