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On growing cysts since 2003

Hi was diagnnosed in 2005 with small bilobular cysts but the yave kept growing. have had few attacke of choliangitis around tweo years ago. But have been tired mainly from 2003. First I was severely cold Then went and paid lifescan as dr thought was stress? Anyhow all these years have to recuperate my energy or wouldnt be able to keep going. What happens is my side hurts and tired if I don't do this. But they have a pattern. 2 yrs ago scan showed the biggest at 5cm. Have anyone elese been diagnosed with bilobular cysts of the liver. Mine were found at half cm. I do know I have another in the liver by now too. Blood tests are normal! So gp this morning awaiting a scan. And done blood tests this AM. Anyone Else have this please Let me know. Thankyou for having me and Hello to All :) By now I have a problem that I wake and my legs are feeling compressed and by my sternum feel pressure. The minute moved about a bit Walk around the stagnated feeling goes and Legs better. Recently have had a very sharp pain in the liver only for few seconds like someone with an injection. But it makes me startled. Have come to think of it had something similar last year and year before but a duller thud like pain. Also the right hand upper area of head feels like a thud pain not all the time. But there in the distance grrr and behind eye also got somekind of growth? No idea!

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There are some genetic conditions that can cause multiple liver cysts, with or without cysts in other organs. Should this be the case, your doctor will know.

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I had two cystadenoma in my liver which caused a mechanic obstruction of the bile duct, it's rare in the liver and I've never had any explanation of how or why they formed. Once they had been detected they didn't change in size, but the damage had been done to my liver, my liver blood tests where all abnormal, and I was transplanted in August.

I have pictures of my liver and it was a mess, due to the cysts the liver architecture was abnormal and it's was fibrotic and significant cirrhosis. I had very little pain but all the symptoms of end stage liver disease.


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