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Haribos on me to what a week


At the end of last week I was notified of an appointment on Tuesday 10th Oct at the Scottish Liver Unit, at which I was finally listed for transplant at 12:30p.m.. went home with mental lists to do (in husband's head not mine), with plans to sort everything on Wednesday (too tired on Tuesday). Wednesday 12:45, called to say the may have liver for me, ambulance arrived to transfer me over to Edinburgh at 13:05 at hospital at 14:50. Bloods etc done, my junior and senior house doctor, surgeon and anesthetised, but finally the had to pull the plug at 9p.m, as liver was not going to be a good enough match to give me 'longevity', back to waiting, but next time will be better prepared. Don't wait to be listed to prepare, you might not have the time when call comes.


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Wow George that was fast for first call. Hopefully the next one or one soon will be the real thing and you'll be on the road to recovery.

Katie x

Sorry about that new you are so brave and got a lot of courage.haribos on you then I want the ring to be ,princess.hope your ok

Hope you get a call soon with a happy result at the end, I'm not sure Happy is the right word but I'm still waking up!

All the best to you,

Michelle xx

Wow, that was quick for your first call. I am 11 months in waiting and had my first call last night...in my dream! Although I don't like hospital transplant dreams they are very un clean! lol......

I hope your official call comes soon and you have a quick road to recovery! x

that was quick.... i was 6 weeks from list to call and unbelievably not a false alarm... I m now 5months post transplant... as you say don't wait we had only recently packed bags and it was 2days after my sons wedding... we were really caught on the hop.... but i appreciate that i was very lucky.

i had been ill for 18 years though so did my wait beforehand. good luck. cazer

Last week may have been a whirl wind, but this week is proving the same. Call this morning to go back to Edinburgh, transplant going ahead this evening, less than a week from listing and one false alarm

Good luck, hope all goes really well and you'll be typing to us in a few days with all good news.

Katie & Hubby xxx

Yes good luck and fingers crossed this end xx

Transplant went ahead Monday Evening, early Tuesday morning. Don't remember much till I woke in HDU Wednesday, temperature through roof 39.3, ands weird dreams, but all going great so far, and may even get home Thursday this week. Edinburgh staff deserve an award for all their great work, nothing is a problem, friendly and efficient, caring and compassionate a dream team. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts.


Brilliant to hear all went ahead and is going in the right direction.

All the very best,

Katie doon the road in Ayrshire xx

Wonderful news I hope you get home soon, all the very best xx

Good luck George x

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Hope everything went well and that you have a speedy recovery. Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

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