Hospital ignoring me!

Hello, I'm not sure what to do. I had a fibroscan on Friday 6/10/17 and was told that the result was 45. No real explanation of what that means. I've been calling the hospital for 3 days now and the latest excuse is that it's with the consultant but he won't be in until Friday 13/10/17, then I have to wait for a letter. I'm frantic with worry but haven't got a clue what to do. I've called the Patient Liaison people and they keep promising a phone call but so far, nothing. Any ideas how I can move this along a bit faster?

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  • Hi NettyBess,

    Sorry to hear you've been left up in the air at the moment. Personally I would speak to the consultants secretary expressing your concern at being left in the dark and requesting a call from him/her on his return. It isn't unusual a time span in terms of availability but certainly when I've expressed concerns either the secretary or the consultant has been in touch.

    I hope you get answers soon.

    Best wishes,

    Michelle xx

  • Hi, This situation is so unfair. They should either give the result on the day, with a qualified person telling you what it means, or not give the result at all. To give you a number, but no explanation is just cruel.

    I'm sure you've looked up on the web what this might mean, and now you are imagining all sorts of horrid things. We are not medics and we are asked not to comment on peoples test results. However what I can say is the fibroscan is not 100% accurate. Readings can be higher if you've just eaten, if you have acute hepatitis etc. The scores and there meaning depends on what liver condition you have.

    I agree with mich49uk, phoning his secretary and explaining that you are distraught having been given the numbers without explanation. I always find being super polite and grateful to the secretary goes a long way in terms of getting what you want!!

    I'm sorry you are having all this worry, and hope you get the answers you need.

    Best wishes


  • I agree with the advice. Contact the Secretary of the consultant. It is not fair what has happened to you.


  • yes try consultant secretary... explain how worried you are... but unfortunately this is quite a normal time to wait for a result... but you should have been told that it was not available until someone could explain to you.

    you could try to speak to gp.

    try not to worry... easier said than done i know but just be aware as others have said some results are open to interpretation. good luck cazer.

  • Did you get anywhere so far NettyBess? X

  • Thanks Michelle and everyone else that replied to me.

    The consultant rang me today and told me that although the result appears high, I have multiple cysts which could have contributed to an erroneous result. He mentioned that I may need a biopsy. I now have an appointment to see him next Tuesday so keeping my fingers crossed (and legs ... and toes ... and any other appendages I can think of! )

  • That's really good to hear NettyBess I'm so glad he contacted you back and clarified things for you, I hope you feel more supported now and I hope this is something treatable for you and reversible.

    Keep us posted,

    Best wishes,

    Michelle xxx

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