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Hospital admission

Hi all I posted quite awhile ago regarding my alt results. The go up and down like a yoyo.

Which in turn makes me sick. Currently last bloods it was 245 which isn't terribly high as they have been in the 600s.

But nobody seems to be doing anything about it and I don't know what's to do. I'm lucky it only happens once in a blue moon but in 5 years I've been hospitalised 3 times. Fourth time now and I'm just asking what would you do?

Thanks in advance x

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I note from earlier posts that they'd said they would only do a biopsy if you were 'flaring'. Have they mentioned doing this whilst you were in again? If your condition is auto-immune, everyone of these 'flares' of elevated ALT indicates your liver is inflamed and there is potential for long term liver damage if they don't get to the bottom of what on earth is going on. THey can't keep fobbing you off with no action.

Are you actually seeing a hepatologist, I would be asking for a referral to one if not.



Hi Katie I'm only under a gastroenterologist at the moment as the hospital im at don't have a herpetologists.

It's pure frustrating my MRI should be on Monday but I can already feel my Alts have now dropped to normal levels again.

I'm so annoyed as I've been in here since Tuesday and no one has done anything and now it's too late again.

Feeling really let down.


Even 245 is high and it's unusual for it to keep going up and down. I have NAFLD but even its highest was only 205. I'm on a drug called supralip 160 and a statin and that helps keep my levels under 100. They should be getting to the bottom of this. Maybe a food diary as well as anything high in fat triggers IBS D in me. I would have thought minimum they should be giving you an ultrasound scan and at some point a fibroscan. Good luck x


Thank you for your responses.

I'm glad it's not just me thinking they need to do more.

I'm still sat in here waiting for an MRI which I'm hoping it will be tomorrow now.

I'm not going anywhere until they sort this. Xx


hi mummy Moor 58.i have had cirrhosis for 9 years and was only ever seen by a gastroenterologist but was discharged from hospital in 2015 .I went to my doctors and demanded to be referred to a hepetologist as no regular tests were being done. I have only ever had one endoscopy and that was in 2008 and my last scan was in 2014 .I wanted to make sure that I was going to get the best possible care with this disease. after waiting 3 months I finally have my first appointment on 28 Feb with hepetologist. keep pushing as that's the only way. good luck


Well after refusing to leave I got a mrcp done. Wasn't the best experience but apparently it's shows I have enlarge bile duct.

What this means haven't got a clue. Needs to be sent to a specialist in this area and I have an outpatient appt in 8 weeks.

Any ideas??

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