Hospital stay

So, I'm back. I came in Friday evening. Even though there's not much they can do over the weekend, I ended up getting a fever last night, and was put on intravenous antibiotics. Also, something in my white cell count they are watching got very low, hitting naught point one, so now I'm in reverse contamination.

This coming week I'll be having a drain, a liver biopsy, also checking outgoing liver pressures, a CT scan,a visit with the kidney specialist and the hematologist.

And who knows what else..lolol.

I'm ok, but very very tired. I'm sleeping a lot.

Hopefully they will figure out why I'm still having caps cites this far past transplant, and sort out my kidney and whatever the heck is wrong with my bloods.

Just wanted to update you.

I'll try my best to check back soon!

Thanks all of you for all the wonderful support I get here..really. No one understands like YOU understand!

Hoping everyone has a healthy and happy week!



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  • Hope all goes well which hospital are you in

  • Hi grumps! I'm at addenbrookes! I just love this place..the care is amazing! They did my transplant also. They have taken care of me for a couple of years, so I know most of the consultants nurses etc.

    They are wonderful!


  • In all our thoughts as always. xx

  • Thanks so much. I hope your doing ok today also!


  • Addenbrooke's is only about 40 minutes from where I live, they certainly are an excellent hospital :) Let's hope they can get you back up and running! Thinking of you xx

  • I send You a BIG huge from México, hoping everything will be alright! My best wishes

  • Thank you! And I need to answer my messages, I'll try while in here.

    I'll bet it's lovely and warm where you are!


  • Take care of yourself!! Too hot....too sunny.... Is so warm....i need colder weather, ; )hope You get much better soon....

  • My best wishes, as usual. XX

  • Thanks sweetie! It means a lot to me!

    As always...


  • Thinking of you kimberley, it's so hard thinking we're out of the woods only to realise it's not quite that simple.

    Lots of hugs, get well soon.

    Mike XX

  • Omg, exactly Mike..I'm like when is this going to end? Patience is not my strong virtue..but I sure am trying!

    Thanks for your support!


  • Hold on and stay as strong as you are. You are a wonderful inspiration to Matt and I 💙

    One step at a time 😘

    Thinking about you 🍀

  • Awww, well thanks so much! And yes, def one day and one step at a time right now..I'm working on being grateful for such good care at Addenbrookes!


  • hoping u feel mutch better soon xx

  • Thanks Ricky!

    I hope your doing well these days also!


  • Dear Kimberley,

    I am praying with all my heart that they find out what is going on... Hopefully they will have all the results from the many tests you have had and get a picture of what is actually wrong... It's difficult with the Bank Holiday - as in our hospital - it is mainly registrars that do the keeping tabs bit... I am hoping your consultant looks at all of this closely and if they haven't got a clue - then finds a consultant who can put all this together...

    Sending you huge hugs and positive thoughts.


  • Pear,

    Hello angel girl!

    Yeah, lots of testing, but I'm hoping they sort it soon!

    I could not ask for a better hospital to get it done, and they know me so well here.

    Lol they've been looking for my partner too..where's Tony? Is something wrong?

    I just giggle and say he's fine. I suspect they will be relived to see him today!

    Hugs you, take care!


  • Keep strong our toughts are with you

  • Thanks grumps! I hope everything is good on your end also!


  • We're all rooting for you hope you pick up soon, you must be so tired of all the poking and prodding and yet you still sound so chirpy, well done and stay positive. Hugs

    Helen 😃

  • Awwww thx Helen! I so appreciate you saying that! And yeah, I'll be ok!


  • Poor you Kimberley. Hope all is well and you are out very soon. God bless xx

  • Thx, me too! I miss my own bed already, although, I am in a single room right now, so that's not too bad! Lol


  • Hope you feeling better soon x

  • Thanks, me too!

    I seem to have gotten sicker if you can believe it! Lol. I'm in a reverse contamination room now because of my white cell count, but I'll be ok!


  • Uou poor love yoi must b sooooo fed up after all uve been through...and still b having thes probs .myheart goes oit to cazer


  • Sorry for spelling !!!x

  • Thanks sweets, but all will be well! I have faith!


  • It strange i too feel fairly check up last week i had at qe was bloods are heading gradually more wrong .cant keep warm.nausea n sicknrss...sometimes.etc.more sleepy altjough still awake half the night and major forgetfulness.

    He said im showing all the symptoms tthat my liver is not managing very well.he thinks i will b asessed some time in the year andmaybe sooner if tjings change quicler.

    I dont feel frightened and its wierd

    Im sure i will nearer the time !!!!

    I will ctoss fingers yhat you get some sense oit of them this week

    Much love cazer


  • Dear Kimberly

    I'm so sorry to hear you are back in hospital. Sounds like you have a lot to face over the next few days. Try to stay strong xxxx Wishing you all the best and that you feel a lot better soon.

  • Thank you! Xxxxx

  • Sending strength and serenity your way. You are a lovely human! Xx

  • Aww, what a generous thing to say..thank you so ver much!


  • Awww hope you get all this sorted soon ..You have been through the Mill..sending positive thoughts your way..hoping you will get better and back home Xx

  • Thx ball ie! I can use all the positive thoughts I can get, lol!


  • Hope things improve for you and glad you are ok enough to keep in touch (and make valuable contributions) here while you wait on the docs.

  • Aww thx so much Bolly!

    And I'm not sure how valuable the other thing was, but sometimes I get frustrated and I'm not sure how to sugar coat the truth..not that it matters. Often they think they already have the truth, they just want us to confirm it, and when we don't, we' if we're speaking of the same post!

    And I'm always grateful for your replies to posts! You have so much good info, and your very supportive! Also. Your not afraid to sling a little truth either, giggles!

    Hope your week is a happy one!


  • get well soon!


  • Thanks so much! I'm doing ok, but a lot of pain, and sleeeeeeepy.


  • Good luck K.

  • Thank you!


  • I hope they've changed the film selection since your last stay. The films are what get me through hospital stays, although when I had my transplant and having watched all the films I got quite into bargin hunt. That program still flashes me back to hospital.

    Keep smiling Kimberly

  • Mine was Homes under the Hammer LOL. But how expensive was it just watching normal TV channels!!!

  • Yuck to bargain's ok, but I like antiques road show etc. they moved me to a room with free TV and thTs good!


  • Hi, I have been absent here a few days but wondering how everyone is. My you have your hands full but your spirit sounds strong. I will be thinking of you. I saw my doc Friday, my tumor grew none the first year but suddenly its huge. The liver cancer some days for days in a row causes powerful pain and fatigue but the last few days have been pretty nice for me. Lots of fluid diminished. Keep us posted. Rest well.

  • Thanks. , I'm thinking about you..hope your ok.

    I have a pic line infection, Again, so they removed it, a splitting headache, sighs, and now most things like the liver biopsy is on hold for 48 hours waiting to see if they got the infection. My white cells are still bottomed out, so I'm just not sure at this point.

    Cheering you on!


  • At the Royal Free , post op I was kept going by the free Wi Fi. No need for the expensive television. At least in immediate recovery I knew what was going on, I'm now down to clinic every two weeks as all is looking good with the new liver. It must be hard work not knowing how things are going to pan out. Hope they get you sorted and home soon. Jim

  • Yes, I would have done the same. If it happened today I'd have my iPad and Netflix with all the films, iPlayer, etc etc etc...

    At the time I had my iPad but the idea of sorting out WiFi a Netflix account etc etc was too much. It's quite a scary thought, I'm an engineer in IT, and the doing that at the time was too much, that's how much the liver affects the brain.

  • I have two iPads the phone and free's the only room on the ward with it and they moved me to it two days ago! Lol

    Alllllllso, this kid happens to know the password to the hospital wifi..even most the staff does not. I'm a lucky kid, so I use that one and save my data from my plan! Woo hoo!

  • Great stuff! Your plan would have been used up in half a day so that's great. You can catch up on some box sets now. Channel Four has some great box sets for free. I highly recommend Man Down, Peep Show, The IT Crowd, and The Inbetweeners.

    All comedy, and not everyones cup of tea! But if you like them they'll definitely keep you smiling.

  • Also Toast of London and Game Face.

  • Kimberley, you are in my thoughts daily. No words can express what my soul sends out to you and I write that from the bottom of my heart. Hurry up and Get Well Soon! :)

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