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1 year post transplant then very tired!

Had no major issues and good bloods for one year. Then got fevers 4 nights in a row took Paracetamol- all OK. Went local GP and he did numerous bloods and loads of stuff suddenly wrong. Seem to be going right way now but very tired all day, even hard getting up stairs. Going so well before. My question is this common and does it "go away" see my liver specialist end of the month. Welcome any idea's or observations.

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Not sure what you mean about your blood tests?. Are your liver tests are all abnormal -ALT high, biirubin etc. If so i would phone your liver nurse or consultant and inform them to let them know. If there is a problem they can give you an earlier appointment rather than worrying about it for another 4 weeks. Has your doctor faxed your blood results to your consultant.? Remember this is your body if you feel something is not right phone your consultant/liver nurse, do not think you are pestering them. You have to look after number one. Good luck and stay positive. I hope it is nothing to worry about but it is always best to make sure. All the best xx😃


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